Thursday, May 28, 2009


The other night we had taco pizza for supper. Libby normally likes taco pizza, but this night...she was in a mood. I finally told her that she had to eat five bites and then she could be finished. She said, "What if I want to take ten bites?" Ok, whatever! She ate all ten bites, too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuck On Cups

Last night Libby decided she wanted to crawl up our dirt pile. I told her she could and I met her at the top. She asked if I knew how she got up the side and I told her I had no idea. She said, "I used my stuck on cups." I asked if she meant "suction cups" and she confirmed that, "No, my STUCK ON CUPS!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

John Vs. Grace

John's 4D picture
Grace's 4D picture

John Everett Tucker

Here are some pictures of our precious baby boy. He is right on track at 19 weeks and a healthy, albeit stubborn little fella. He was laying on his belly against the outside of my stomach and wouldn't move so the ultrasound tech could get pictures of his vital organs. He did eventually let her get a peek to find out that he had all of his body parts and they are all in good working order. He already reminds me of Grace because he kept his little hands right up by his face the entire time...just like Grace did.

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Personal Maid?

When Libby is eating breakfast, I usually try to keep her company. This morning, though, I told her that I was going to go ahead and make my bed while she ate. She replied casually, "Ok, mom. Don't forget to fix mine when you're done."

My reply? "Why don't we wait until you finish breakfast so you can help me?"


In other news, Grace woke up dry this morning. I figured why not see if she could go on the potty. I held her over the big potty and she was scared half to death, so I took her back to her room and pulled out the little potty (duh!). I put her on it and she immediately climbed up and put her feet in the hole and sat on the edge (I wish I had my camera for that part). Anyway, as she started to climb down I grabbed her diaper to put back on her because this obviously wasn't working. I was still two seconds too late as she peed all over the floor as soon as her feet hit the ground. Oh well! It was worth a shot.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cheap As Dirt!!! (Yeah, Right...)



This is after 130 more loads of dirt were hauled in...and smoothed out with a John Deere 750C Crawler/Dozer. All in all we've hauled in about 400 loads of dirt...some from the 5 acres we used to own & the rest from the new Holiday Inn Express! Still a little bit of an incline, but I can at least mow it now without the fear of flipping over backwards!!!



There is a new Holiday Inn Express being built next to McDonald's on Northwest Arterial here in Dubuque. All of the dirt from the swimming pool & parking lot are now in my back yard! Drew Cook Excavating has done us a great job of getting things done quickly at a really decent price. I would recommend them to anyone!!! Above & beyond when it comes to customer service.

NOW, I have to dig up all the underground eavestrough drain lines taking all the rainwater to the woods because they have been smashed one way or another...then it is time to till up the entire acreage, fertilize it, rent a Brillion Seeder & get the grass sowed. THEN, Grandma Tucker has ordered that the swingset be re-built on-site ASAP...otherwise she and Libby are going to do it the next time Grandma visits! Hmmm...that shall be an interesting feat to watch!

Front porch steps & front sidewalk are the next projects I want to get done this year...but everything else, like the deck & landscaping, will have to wait until next year...or more!

Christopher L. Tucker
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Both girls were quite angry with me for not letting the play with the camera. But, why would I when I can get award-winning pictures to show off at graduation someday? :)

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Time for a Haircut?

Depends on who you ask. Mommy says, "No way! Maybe in another year." Libby, on the other hand, says, "Looks like it's about time for a haircut for you, Gracie!" In Libby's defense, there is a chunk of wisps that is long and won't lay flat behind Grace's left ear.

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Just Like Grandpa!

We went to Indiana for Chris's 16 year class reunion a few weekends ago and on the way home we stopped at Steak and Shake for supper. They are having a big hoopla because they are now 75 years old. In honor of that, Libby got a cool little paper car (shown above)to put together. She was more than glad to receive the yellow car and her first comment was, "Now I have a car just like Grandpa's!"

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Grace's New Look!

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Let the Hormones Rage!

We went to Applebee's (per Libby's request? My fault, I didn't have anywhere I was just dying to go) for Mother's Day today. It was a good trip and the girls both did REALLY well until the last five minutes when you could tell it was nap time. They did fine on the way home and then the "you could tell it was nap time" feeling lashed out again right as we got home. As Libby got out of the van she saw daddy give Grace a swig of some of the left over pop. Immediately, and with fury, she shouted, "Oh! Grace gets a drink and I don't?" Then, she slammed what was in her hand on the table in the garage, ran inside, slammed the door shut and we didn't hear from her again until, thankfully, she had calmed down. Needless to say, both girls were put to bed quickly. Wow, what ARE we going to do once she hits puberty?