Monday, October 29, 2012

My Hometown is Special...

It is in the Bible.

If you were a fly buzzing around our school area today (Why do we still have flies?  It is slightly annoying.) this is what you would have heard as mommy evidently went into her own little world:

1 Samuel 20:6 "If your father misses me at all, tell him, ‘David earnestly asked my permission to hurry to Bellefontaine, his hometown..."  

Yeah, at this point Libby and I were rolling on the ground laughing.  I did recover enough to finish the passage eventually.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Overheard in the Tucker House

Libby: (screaming) JOHN!  You are a BAD boy!!!

John: I not bad.  I naughty.

Dear Lord ~ A Child's Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this yummy supper and help mommy and daddy to behave.


~by Grace

Friday, October 26, 2012

Over the River

...and through the woods grandmother came our way!

So did grandpa, but I love pictures like this!


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Country Girls

When I was growing up I would have never said, "In twenty years I want to live in the country and enter my daughters in tractor pulls across the road from where we live."  In fact, I am fairly sure that I had never even heard of a tractor pull until I met Chris.  It isn't that I grew up in such a large urban area, but I would still consider myself a city girl. 

Although I would never have predicted that scenario, that is the case for where my life has ended up.  (And, just so you know, I am ok with that.)  Earlier this month, both Libby and Grace were entered into a tractor pull that was held at the Fall Festival across the road from us. 

Grace, who was entered in the 4 & Under group, went up against six other kiddos and came in second place.  She was one pedal cycle away from a "full pull" (a new word to my vocabulary).  I have always known she was my monkey, but never imagined that she would barrell down an aisle to win the right to go to the Iowa State Tractor Pull next September.  It isn't mandatory that we take her, but I think we will probably go anyway.  :)


This is her face of determination as she tried SO hard to get that last pedal cycle in.

Here she is receiving her second place medal.

Libby went up against about 7 other 7 year olds, as well.  Although she didn't win any medals, she still had one proud momma!  She wasn't about to give up!  I was so proud of her for continuing to push even when it hurt and wasn't going anywhere.


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Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Johnny!

Ok, so I'm a few days late.  We decided it would work with the schedule to celebrate one day late.  After we celebrated his birthday, I was a good girl and came immediately downstairs to blog about it.  I uploaded the pictures to the computer...and then started to cry.  Seriously, all I had was a small section of picture for ANY of the pictures I uploaded.  I thought I had lost them for good and was ready to throw the camera AND the computer out the window.  Instead, I walked away and did what I always do, let Chris fix my problem for me.  Of course it was one of those fixes where he came home, looked over my shoulder while I enlarged a picture and realized that Picasa is kindly cropping all of my pictures for me when it puts them in their folder.  Such is life and thankfully the problem is fixable!  That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!  ;)

On to the birthday boy!  John just turned three and he is crazy and wild as always.  He is full of life and has LOTS of energy!  He loves, loves, LOVES his vehicles (thus the request for an airplane cake) and can always be found with some type of vehicle in his hand and some type of motor noise on his lips.  Except when he is making his vhicles talk to each other.  Imagine a high pitched voice saying, "Hi, I am geen motor-kycle," to which comes the same voice replying, "Oh, that's nice.  I am beeg dump truck."  Cut the poor boy some slack...he does have sisters afterall.  He is the kindest three year old you'll ever meet.  He knows when to say "please" and "thank you" and "you're welcome" and does not need to be prompted.  He can play for hours on end by himself if he is in the mood, but also has moods where he would MUCH rather pester his sisters!  They LOVE can't stand that.  We have been working on the potty training thing, but he has decided he wants NOTHING to do with it.  Some days he is a champ, but usually he can't even be talked into trying even for m&m's.  Really?  What kid says no to m&m's? 

Overall, he makes me so glad that I have the chance to raise a precious little boy!  I can't wait to see where he takes us this next year!

The pretty blue airplane, as requested by a certain little boy.  :)

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