Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Please Don't Go

At 5:00 this morning I was woken up by the pitter pattering of little feet. What!?! Yeah, little Libby coming out to climb in bed with us. (This is a first for this one.) Anyway, being pregnant, I figured I might as well get up and go to the bathroom. I got back and Chris mentioned that he might as well get up and go to work. Libby quickly replied, "No daddy, me trying to sleep with you." Needless to say, he stayed...although there was NO sleep involved. It all culminated at 6:45 with daddy leaving and Libby eating chicken nuggets for breakfast. Now we are listening to music and playing. What else does today have in store for us? I guess we shall see.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007






It's only six weeks until I deliver another beautiful baby into this world. I am going through nesting A LOT earlier this time than I did last time. I am going insane because there isn't a whole lot I can do here in the rental. I am about ready to put the crib up in the living room RIGHT NOW just because I'm ready to see signs of a baby around here. Instead, I decided that Chris would prefer me to just think about Libby and remember when I first had her and she was a tiny little baby instead of an ACTIVE toddler. So, here are some pictures of little Libby. There's my baby fix for the next couple of weeks before it's a little more reasonable to start putting baby stuff out and about in this house. :)
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Little Miss Independent




Libby has taken her pajamas off several times by herself. Well, she woke up this morning and decided that she was going to be contankerous. She wanted to take her pajamas off feet first and that was that. She laid on the floor screaming and trying to get her feet out. I told her she had to take her arms out first and she kept screaming. I asked if she wanted help and she screamed LOUDER that she could do it herself. So, I did the next best thing. I grabbed the camera and took pictures of her struggle. I asked her every five seconds if I could help yet. She screamed no and I would snap a picture. This went on until, by golly, she did it her way and by herself. Can you say STRONG WILL!?!
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Yesterday I told Libby it was nap time and she didn't want to go. Well, she wasn't throwing a fit or anything so I wasn't too worried about it. I just let her go for awhile why I got on the internet and did some things that I needed to do. While I was doing that, she went back and laid down. So, I made sure she was in bed and I went to lay down. All of the sudden I heard her little feet pattering out and figured maybe she was coming to lay with me. Instead she got just inside the living room, threw herself down and started screaming, "Pray! Pray! Pray!" She was not happy with me for not coming to pray with her before nap time. Crazy kid! I walked back, prayed with her and she immediately went to sleep.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

You Know You Eat Out Too Much...

when your 2 1/2 year old sees a Subway commercial and says, "Pop, chips, cookie and a burger." That's what we order there. Chris looked at me because he wasn't sure what she was talking about. So I told him. Then Libby said, "Yeah, Quizno's. We go last night." It wasn't last night, but she was right. That is what we order there too. Yikes!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Fall Fun

Yea, I remembered the camera this time! :D Last weekend we went to a sawmill party. It was later in the evening so I didn't even TRY to take the camera. It was quite a fun time. We got to know some new people and Libby enjoyed playing in the dirt. We even got to watch the sawmill run. It was pretty cool. Today we went to the apple orchard. Chris works with the owner's son so we got our own personal tour. They have 10 1/2 acres with over 1500 apple trees. Wow! Libby enjoyed finding the "baby" apples on the ground. She could sink her teeth into them a little easier. The first one was yummy, but the second one must have been a sour apple. Her face was hilarious...of course I didn't have the camera open at that point in time. Oh well! As for Libby? Well, yeah, go figure...her favorite part of the whole trip was the swing that was at the edge of the orchard.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wake Up Sleepy Head





Libby hasn't been going to bed too well for us so we decided that maybe we should try waking her up a little earlier. So, this morning I went to wake her up and she was so cute that I just didn't wanna. So, I decided to take her picture instead. She loves getting her picture taken so by the time she was out of bed, she was smiling and we had a great morning!
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FINALLY! I only have NINE weeks left to go (or eleven if this baby is like Libby) in my pregnancy. For some reason I just feel like I looked like I was more pregnant with Libby than I do with this one. I am seriously only now beginning to FEEL pregnant as well. Anyway, so far literally no one has noticed that I am pregnant unless I have told them. But last night...FINALLY, that has changed. The girl at the chinese restaurant asked when I was due. She also guessed that I was having a boy (which daddy frowned at). Anyway, I thought I would post a picture of myself so that everyone could see how pregnant (or not so much) I looked. I kind of like it this way. It makes it easier to chase after Libby without having to watch for the monstrosity out front. :)
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Quote to Live By

"Like all Americans, I like big things: big prairies, big forests and mountains, big wheat fields, railroads- and herds of cattle too- big factories ad steamboats and everything else. But we must keep steadily in mind that no people were ever yet benefited by riches if their prosperity corrupted their virtue.
It is more important that we should show ourselves honest, brave, truthful, and intelligent than that we should own all the railways and grain elevators in the world.
We have fallen heirs to the most glorious heritage a people ever received and each of us must do his part if we wish to show that this nation is worthy of its good fortune." Theodore Roosevelt

The NEW Laundry Basket




Libby decided she wanted to play with our laundry basket. She was a very good girl about it. Instead of throwing her clothes all over the room, she relocated them to her own version of a laundry basket...her toilet. Which, by the way, I still haven't bitten the bullet and trained her to use it any other way. I.E. the way you are supposed to. So, the clothes needed washed anyway and putting them in there didn't make them any dirtier, so oh well.
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Pumpkin Flop


As soon as I told Chris that I wanted to try to make a pumpkin pie from scratch he laughed and started making jokes about how it was going to be the death of us all. He didn't stop me from doing it though, so I went ahead as planned. If I would have stopped my daring-ness at the pumpkin I would have been fine (except the nice slice in my finger because I'm so awesome with a knife). Anyway, I had to try to make homemade pie crust too. I swear I followed the directions. I swear. It looks pretty good...just don't try to eat it. It crumbles when you touch it and tastes like I just slathered Crisco all over the pan for my crust. Yuck! So, I guess we will resort to digging the pumpkin out with a spoon. No crust pumpkin pie. :) I don't know if I will try this venture again, but now I can say that I have made a pumpkin pie with a pumpkin (and not the stuff from a can). :)
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Monday, October 08, 2007

The Mom Song

Ok, I've received this in email form twice now. I thought I would share it with all of you other hardworking moms as well. See if you can hear anything you've ever said to your children in this song. :)

Fall Fun

Ok, first things first. I am a VERY bad mommy. I forgot my camera...not once, not twice, but three times! So, no cool pictures to accompany this blog.

Anyway, we made this weekend our fall fun weekend by going to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and to the Sherrill Fall Festival on Sunday. We got to take a hay ride at the pumpkin patch and we got to see (and pet) some sheep, a goat and a bunny. Libby really liked to play in the corn box (vs. a sand box)...that was pretty cool.

Then on Sunday we went right down the road from where we are supposed to build for the Fall Festival. I thought this one was better (partially because it was free). Anyway, they had all kinds of old tractors and corn shellers and they were demonstrating how to separate the wheat heads from the straw stalks and how to bail it the old fashion way. They had DELICIOUS homemade ice cream that they made by a hit and miss engine. It was really cool. Unfortunately, we got there right as the sky was starting to look dark and fickle so people started packing up about the time we got there. So, we only got to enjoy half of the fun. Oh well, that gives us even more to look forward to next year. :) I can't'll be all the more exciting with the new little one to start a family tradition with.

Well, that was our cool weekend. I'll keep you updated as our fall fun is far from over. Next weekend we have a sawmill party scheduled and sometime this month we plan on visiting one of the local apple orchards. The owner of the one we want to go to works with Chris, so Chris is going to get the down low from him on all of the cool things to do there. They had a festival of their own a few weeks ago, but we found out to late to go. Once again, more to look forward to next year!

Hope you are all having a great fall as well.

Friday, October 05, 2007

NOT Too Busy

Libby has been in this terrible habit of saying that she is too busy when I ask her to do something that she doesn't want to (i.e. naptime, come inside, etc.) I was getting tired of it and annoyed by it, but wasn't sure what to do with it. I finally resorted to reading a book called "Creative Correction" and thought I would try one of her methods.

So, on Tuesday I gave Libby ten pennies to carry around in her purse and told her every time that she told me she was "too busy" she had to give me a penny. She was ready to go to the store as soon as I handed her the pennies. :) That shopping instinct kicks in early. Anyway, I told her she had to wait and she ended up paying me only one penny on Tuesday for that awful phrase. We have done this for three and a half days now and she has lost only one penny per day (and none for today yet). Anyway, Friday is shoppinhg day so we got to spend our hard earned pennies today. First, we put all of Libby's pennies in her purse.


Then, we went to "Mom's Bank and Trust" to trade them in for some silver coins.


And then, the best part, we got to go shopping. Libby's first big girl purchase was two Cheeto's (at a non-snack time) for a penny and a matchbox car for a dime. She even saved some of her money so she could earn up for bigger items later (hopefully college...yeah, I doubt that).


Hopefully we can tackle this bad habit and move on to the next one next month. :)
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

So Sad

I recently put a "Family Guy" clip on my blog where Stewie keeps calling for his mom. Libby LOVES that video and is constantly asking me to play "mommy mommy". Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, they have taken the clip away. Try explaining that one to your crying two year old. Oh yeah, mommy was totally the bad guy. Anyway, I'm sorry if you missed the clip...we are dealing with the aftermath of it to...STILL! Poor Libby!