Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall Fun

Ok, first things first. I am a VERY bad mommy. I forgot my camera...not once, not twice, but three times! So, no cool pictures to accompany this blog.

Anyway, we made this weekend our fall fun weekend by going to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and to the Sherrill Fall Festival on Sunday. We got to take a hay ride at the pumpkin patch and we got to see (and pet) some sheep, a goat and a bunny. Libby really liked to play in the corn box (vs. a sand box)...that was pretty cool.

Then on Sunday we went right down the road from where we are supposed to build for the Fall Festival. I thought this one was better (partially because it was free). Anyway, they had all kinds of old tractors and corn shellers and they were demonstrating how to separate the wheat heads from the straw stalks and how to bail it the old fashion way. They had DELICIOUS homemade ice cream that they made by a hit and miss engine. It was really cool. Unfortunately, we got there right as the sky was starting to look dark and fickle so people started packing up about the time we got there. So, we only got to enjoy half of the fun. Oh well, that gives us even more to look forward to next year. :) I can't'll be all the more exciting with the new little one to start a family tradition with.

Well, that was our cool weekend. I'll keep you updated as our fall fun is far from over. Next weekend we have a sawmill party scheduled and sometime this month we plan on visiting one of the local apple orchards. The owner of the one we want to go to works with Chris, so Chris is going to get the down low from him on all of the cool things to do there. They had a festival of their own a few weeks ago, but we found out to late to go. Once again, more to look forward to next year!

Hope you are all having a great fall as well.

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