Saturday, August 18, 2007

No Kicking Please

Libby and I have made our way to Ohio for a few weeks, before we close on our house, to see my family for awhile. On the drive here the baby started getting really active and just started to really whop me. (I love that feeling!) Anyway, I started rubbing my tummy and said, "Are you kicking your mommy?" Libby promptly answered, "Silly mommy. No kick you." I can't wait until I start showing so that Libby will understand a little more about her baby sibling. Who knows though, she might not get it until this baby just doesn't seem to go away like all of the other babies she's held. I think that she will make a really good big sister although she might try to "help" too much. We shall see!

Don't Go, Daddy!

The other morning Libby woke up WAY early, before daddy left for work. I brought her out to bed with me and daddy came out to say good bye to her. He laid on the bed with her for a few minutes and then got up to leave. As he walked out she started wailing, "Don't go, daddy!" She jumped up and ran to the kitchen and grabbed his legs. She didn't want him to leave. I think it made him feel special. He played with her for a few more minutes and then brought her back to bed. This time she let him go, but she was really reluctant to do so. I'm so glad my little girl loves her daddy so much. It could be so different and I am just thankful to God for our family.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

So Proud

I would never call Libby a "genius" or anything like that and to be honest, I don't know where she ranks according to other kids. What I do know is that I love her and she is so special to me. Thus, I think she is one darn smart kiddo! This morning we were looking at her alphabet puzzle together. I asked her if she knew any of the letters and she pointed, traced with her finger and said, "Q" to the right letter. In this same fashion she showed me Y, O and C. That is four letters that my baby already knows. I'm so proud of her. :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On the Phone Again

I was outside pushing Libby on the swing while I was talking to my mom on the phone. When my mom and I get to talking it usually takes awhile. I'm sure some of you know how that goes. While I was busy yapping I noticed that Libby had her hand up to her ear and she was jibber-jabbering away. I kind of giggled because it was pretty obvious what she was doing. When I got off the phone Libby said, "Mommy, I called Hannah." Then she went on to inform me that she also talked to Grandpa and Dibbers (that is what she calls my mom). What a goose. I can hardly get her to talk on the REAL phone, but make believe...well, that's easy to do.

Lessons in Parenting

Today Libby and I were walking around the block. She was pushing her kitty in her stroller and she pushed the stroller off of the sidewalk and kitty fell out. She got really upset with kitty and started yelling because things weren't as SHE wanted them. I was trying to calm her down and tell her that if she hadn't pushed the cart off the sidewalk that kitty wouldn't have fallen out. Of course, she is too young to see the logic in that and proceeded to put the kitty back in the cart and then pull it back on to the sidewalk. At this point she noticed all of the grass on kitty and instantly went from frustrated to the doting "mommy" cleaning her kitty off. As this whole process was taking place, I couldn't help but think, I wonder how many times I do the same thing. Something happens to Libby that was my fault to begin with, but I get upset with her over the matter. Yikes! Maybe I should pay more attention. I'm still trying to find that balance between where I end and she begins. In that respect, I am glad that it took so long for me to get pregnant. I get to start over with this finding of boundaries when the new one gets here. I just pray that I lean on God to help me with this important task of parenting. I want to do it "right", yet I know I'm human and there is no such thing as "right". I know that my best won't come unless I'm asking God to help me every step of the process though. He has truly begun to become my best friend since having a child. It's a scary job raising children. I truly respect my parents for all they have done for me and my sisters. Anyway...I'll stop rambling now. I'll pray for all of you out there reading my blog that are parents and are making their way through this same journey of learning how to parent.

Just Technology or Bad Parenting?

So, the other day my husband put a card to a friend in their mailbox while Libby and I were in the van waiting on him. As he was walking back to the van Libby said, "Mommy, daddy gave email." OH NO! Am I really on the computer THAT often? Let's think...yep, probably. Yikes! Is it part of today's world of technology that she calls mail "email" or is that my fault and computer is too high on my priority list? It was cute when she said it, but at the same time it really bothered me. I keep saying I'm going to spend less time on the computer, but then I don't. Maybe I will work a little harder at not spending so much time on the computer.

Monday, August 06, 2007

At Last...

The song "At Last" keeps going through my head as we have FINALLY signed an agreement to sell our house! It is at about a $25,000 loss, but it isn't going to kill us financially so we are just happy it is finally on the way. It ain't over 'til the money is in our pocket, but we are at least on the move. So, now we move on to the next step. We meet with our builder tomorrow. If things will go well, we should be moving in next January or February. So we shouldn't have to have the baby here for too long. Isn't it amazing how God works? He waited until the last minute...AGAIN! And then? He gave abundantly! Thank you Lord!

Come Back!

We were in the store today and Libby was in one of the carts that has the honkin' big car attached to the front of it. I was stopped looking for something on my list when a boy came around the corner, asked his grandma for something, and got angry and stomped off when she said no. Libby jumped up through the window of her car and started saying really loudly, "Come back...I said come back!" I asked who she was talking about and she said, "Him! Come back now!" I don't know why she decided she wanted him to come back, but the rest of the shopping trip I heard, "Little boy, I said come back!"