Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Love My Daddy!

Chris was still in the bathroom getting prettied up for work when Little Man woke up this morning. I went and picked John up and was holding him while I made his bottle. As soon as he saw his daddy walk in to the room he practically "fell" forward out of my arms. He has good control of his upper body so I was kind of confused at first. That was when his little legs started pushing off of my body and I quickly realized he was trying to push himself to his daddy. He literally tried to jump out of my arms to get to daddy. Oh, the thanks a mommy gets. :) I love that my kids love their daddy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Doesn't he look like a bandit here? Sometimes (very rarely, but sometimes) he fusses so much that he won't even keep his pacifier in his mouth. In those times, daddy will wrap the burp rag around his face to hold the paci in. He calms down and just looks around after this, but he looks so cute that I had to take a picture. :)

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My Buddy

The girls just love their bubby! He really is their buddy...although the other day I was told during one of Libby's tirades that she "never asked for a brother or sister"!!! I told her that I didn't think she had much say in the matter. They really do love him though.

I had to post this picture because I really do adore this little boys smile!

And this picture? Oh my! Too cute not to post. I love my kids!

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Does She EVER Throw a Fit?

Look at this beautiful smile! You just know she is going to be one of those girls people LOVE to be around because she just likes to have fun. Chris and I have had multiple people ask us, "Does she EVER throw a fit?"

The answer is...YES!!!!!!!!! We've got more where this comes from if you need more proof.

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That's Some Bad Hat Harry!

Ok, so it's not hat hair...I just snapped the pictures right after she woke up. :) In my defense, she asked for it. I had taken a picture of Grace and, by golly, I couldn't leave Libby out.

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4 Months

John had his 4 month appointment today. They are completely confusing me on his height. Last time they said he was 24 3/8 inches long (but wrote 29 3/8 inches on my card)...this time they said he was 24 1/4 inches long. I know I've been out of school for awhile, but I would say that would have made him shorter this time around. Nobody seemed to be worried about it though, so maybe he was 23 3/8 inches long last time. I don't's just confusing. Either way, he continues to soundly whomp on the girls where weight is concerned. He weighed 15 pounds and 3 ounces today. Grace weighed about the same at her 9 month appointment and Libby hit that mark somewhere around 7 months.

Although I wasn't nervous, per se, I was getting antsy to see signs of the above picture. Just this last week he has finally decided that maybe he will try to see what is going on in the world around him while he is on his tummy. He can also roll up onto his side, but at this point, he has decided that it is too much work to flip the rest of his body on over. I swear he is gonna go from front to back before the other though. He, like almost every other baby known to creation, does NOT like tummy time and digs into the floor with his feet. Soon enough. :)

He is still a contented little man. In fact, at his appointment today Libby kept telling the doctor that he was going to make John mad and it never happened. He gave the doctor a funny face while he probed around in his mouth, but that was all. Even with his shots, he winced a bit at the first shot and gave out a little shout at the second shot. As soon as he was in my arms though, he was done. I am just amazed at his little personality! I can't wait to watch as he develops more and more.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treasure Hunt

One of the activities for home school the other day was a treasure hunt. We were studying H for horse and our words to remember for the week were I obey right away. I filled out some clues for Libby to follow and she had to obey the clues to find the treasure. It was a fun reinforcement of her lesson. Later, though, I got to thinking of the implications that this activity held for me as a Christian.

Where do we find out about God's character and who He is? The Bible, yet so many people say, "I tried to read it and I don't understand what I'm reading," and then they give up. I'm definitely guilty of not reading my Bible every day. Why would I not spend time in His Word? Seriously, Libby got SO excited over a Reese's peanut butter much more excited should I be about the treasures that are in God's Word? Sometimes the Bible can be confusing, but Libby's clues were rhyming hints...she had to think a little bit about where the next place was. Are we reading our Bibles with our eyes or with our minds? And, Libby didn't find the treasure after reading the first clue, she had to be diligent (not very, mind you) and continue on until she found the treasure. Are we being diligent and persevering een when we don't understand? I truly believe that God will reward our diligence and that He will start to put His wisdom in our heart if we continue reading our Bibles even when we don't get it. And to be honest? Libby was disappointed that there were no more clues after she found the treasure. Why? Because half the fun is the adventure of getting to the treasure.

I encourage you to pick up your Bible and read a chapter today. Pray for God's wisdom as you read the chapter. And if you don't understand it? For heaven's sake, pick it up and try again tomorrow! God WILL reward you if you seek Him...He promises! (Jeremiah 29:13)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Pretty Girls!

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How's that Workin' for Ya?

This is a play high chair that we've had for awhile. Grace kept pointing to John and saying, "Chair, chair," so I thought I would amuse her and put him in it. He does fairly well at sitting up so he did alright, to my amazement.

And then the belly flop came. Grace jumped up and said, "Oh no!" as she reached to hold him back to the best of her ability. I squeezed this shot off and got the poor child out of there.

As I put him in the REAL high chair so that I could get some stuff cleaned up I heard Grace crying. She decided she wanted a turn too.

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Dairy Party

Last week we studied "cows" for school. At the end of the week we were supposed to have a dairy party, but I didn't have the best part of the party, so I waited until I had finished my grocery shopping. Today was the big day for the dairy party...I put a few different types of cheese on a plate and a cracker with butter (a childhood memory of my grandpa) and let both girls have at it...which reminds me, I forgot the yogurt. As they munched on those goodies (ok, the parts that they ate, which wasn't much) I got the grand finale together. The best part...a bowl of ice cream with cool whip on top! I am loving home schooling Libby and I am completely looking forward to the homeschool convention coming up in Ohio. this is going to be an interesting journey, but one that is totally worth it!

Too Cute

...not too post. Love this boy!

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

3-Month Comparison




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Ready for Bath Time?

This child is so relaxed. It is such a blessing! Libby did fine with baths, but Grace HATED baths, with a passion, for the first four months.

So, having John just kind of sit back and relax is quite a treat for me. He just "takes it like a man". :)

Even when his sisters decide to help. They have decided the medicine cups are the perfect "John-size" and douse him for me.

At the end? As long as he is all wrapped up, he is a happy little man.

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Wild Thing

Ok, so we already knew Grace had a penchant for fun, but daddy took it to a whole new level. :) Grace had a blast with this one. Even Libby got on in the fun...although daddy couldn't quite take her as fast as Grace since she's a tad bit bigger. We, of course, had some repercussions after the fun was over. Grace threw the biggest tantrum because she wanted more. :)


Ok, these are actually pictures that Libby took when she got hold of the camera. Anyway, for all of you book lovers out there (Alexis) I just thought I'd go ahead and post these just to show you. You aren't the only one obsessed. :)

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