Sunday, October 31, 2010

What IS it with the Dishwasher?




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Knock, Knock

Who's there?

Libby and John playing under the blanket!

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My Goblins

Libby chose her own halloween costume this year. She has been looking forward to going as a pumpkin all month long.

And, my pretty little flower. :)

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Libby has been working hard to try to figure out the illusive tying of the shoe. It might not be perfect, but I thought she did an amazing job this morning WITHOUT any help!!!

Grace learns SO much differently than her sister. It's amazing how God has made them so different. That being said, it took over a year for her to "learn" her colors. She refused to tell me the colors until one day...she just started doing it. Now, she has almost all of her colors down. She calls yellow "orange" and pink "red", a lot, but otherwise...she's good! So, it is time to move on the alphabet. We have played around informally with puzzles and alphabet books, but now we are hitting the nitty gritty. So, today she cut out (pretty much on her own, I just held the paper for her) three circles, glued them to the page and decorated her ant. If she feels like it she can tell you that a letter is a and that a begins ant and apple, but...that's ONLY if she feels like it. It can be quite hit or miss at the moment. :) She also colored in a number 1 this week. When you ask her what it is, she consistently says, "Two." She cracks me up. We'll just keep going over it. I'm looking forward to helping Grace learn. :)

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Temper, Temper!

John is a fairly calm baby, but when he wants something...he wants his way, right away! For the most part this shows itself in him screaming as loud as he can until he gets his way. Mind you, I try not to give in to that. Usually it is with food and instead of signing "more" he screams. I show him the symbol for "more" and then take his hands and make the symbol for him. Alas, I diverge.

Last night he didn't get his way, but he didn't scream about it this time. He was trying to climb up his walk-along toy on the wrong side. Because he had to "climb" up it instead of pull himself up, it kept inching away from him. The first time he fell down on his hind end and he called out and smacked the floor with both hands. The rest of us smiled because it was kind of cute to see him take his frustrations out like this. He tried again with the same results. This time, he smacked the toy. He kept trying and kept smacking the toy. The rest of us were in stitches watching him! Of course, this made him even more mad. In the end, he gave up on the toy and gave the rest of us about 5 minutes of pure entertainment. His temper won't be so cute in the future, but last night he was just adorable.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun with Grandpa and Grandma

What a month it has been! We have enjoyed visits from both sets of grandparents and watched our baby turn one. He finally has FOUR teeth and is a tad on the short side. He is cruising everywhere and sometimes he even forgets that he is holding on to something and stands for four or five seconds before he realizes he better sit down since he can't stand yet. :) He says "mama" and "dada" when he wants to, but refuses to say "more" or "all done". Instead, he screams as loud as he can until he gets what he wants and just turns his head away when he's finished. Momma keeps trying to work with him on saying "more". So far, she is still taking his hands and MAKING him sign "more" before she gives him anything. No doubt about it, Momma is the center of this baby boy's world. Poor daddy doesn't have a chance as long as momma's around. He still takes two naps a day and really likes to eat. It's amazing to think where we were a year from ago and where we are now. There have been lots of ups and downs, but I'll keep my family JUST the way it is!!!

Just hold me grandpa!

WHY is she in the baby swing? Who knows, but as long as grandma is pushing her...the world is good!

Dad was asleep until half a second before I pushed the button to take a picture.

Grace LOVES to be read to by her gamma.

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Pumpkins: 2nd Time Around

Grandma and Grandpa Tucker's pumpkins have wilted (we have had an amazingly warm autumn until today) and since Grandma and Grandpa Woods visited, we decided to do the pumpkin thing all over again. :)

Here is Grace's Scary Jack.

And Libby's Ghostly Ghoul.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

My Cake Faces

Do you see a trend here? Each of my kids gets less and less messy...but all are just as cute. :)




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First Hair Cut

Yea! The time finally arrived for Grace! We decided to get her wings cut off. It seemed that once Libby had her first hair cut her hair REALLY seemed to take off growing, so we thought we'd give it a shot with Grace, too. :)
Little Miss Shaggy

Her long locks.

My beautiful hair stylist, Tami, cutting her hair.

Check Cutie Patootie out!

It's actually looks thicker now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cake Take 2 he just doesn't want to get messy. Or, he doesn't like cake. I know, Grandma Tucker, that is shocking and appalling! :) But seriously, he really didn't want anything to do with it...AGAIN!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Old MacDonald on the Farm!

I thought this would be a fun cake for John. I wanted to do the cupcake thing like I did for the girls. It just seems to work well.

The whole theme

The barn



Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!