Monday, August 30, 2010


We have had enough issues with water and weeds and work that we just decided to spend a small amount of money to get some basic landscaping done. So, although we have plans (as money allows) in the future to do some more. Here is a good start! Thank you to my awesome hubby for working his kahunas off to get this done while the kids and I were in Ohio!

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What Are These Faces About?

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Favorites at Grandma's

Waffles are an absolute favorite at grandma's house. Grandpa makes them just perfect for the girls almost every morning!

John isn't 100% sure that having grandma feed him is his favorite thing. He has to keep an eye on mommy at all times.

And Grace is enjoying a book with grandma. She loves to be read too!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That's Not Supposed to Happen

Chris and the girls were sitting on the spinny-chair in Grace's (ex) room. They were goofing around like usual when the girls had the same great idea at the same great time. They threw themselves back on daddy with enough force to throw the chair over backward. Daddy called to mommy for help and mommy did the responsible thing...she ran and got the camera to take a picture. :) I'm honestly just glad that it happened while they were facing the window so they would be thrown into the room rather than into the wall. Yikes!

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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Fun

This is Libby with her beau, Foster. He was the ring bearer and they hit it off immediately. They were so cute together. At the end of the wedding when it was time to walk back down the aisle, they took each others hand and jumped off the stage. So cute! Everyone started clapping for them because they were just so darn cute. :)

These pictures were taken because Matt, the groom, wanted to get a picture of the bridesmaids. As soon as Libby heard the call she went "scampering over", as she put it. She wasn't about to be left out of the fun! Speaking of fun, didn't she do a cute pose for the "silly" picture?

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First Night

Last night went pretty well. We got bedding at Target, came home and tossed it all in the washer and then the dryer. The girls' bedtime is 9:00 and the bedding was finshed at 9:05. Grace crawled right into her bed...and then got out and said she had to go potty. After she DID go potty she got right back in...and then got out and wanted some milk. After her drink of milk (which I brought to her room) she laid back down and I didn't hear from the girls again until this morning.

At which point Libby said, "I had to wake Grace up by singing 'Rise and Shine'." Oops! I had to explain to her that instead of purposefully waking her sister up she needed to try to be quiet so Grace could continue to sleep. She understood about an hour later when Grace was throwing uncontrollable fits because she was tired. You live and learn!

Tonight we should have Bubby in his room, too. Right now his room is the holding place for all of the old bed parts from Libby's room. We'll get them put away and hopefully I'll be able to change the plate decor out soon so that his room looks a little more masculine. One day at a time...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Are Back!

Obviously, we are back. And in the next couple of days it is my goal to sit down and actually blog about our trip. I am waiting on Abby to get me a few pictures of Libby from the wedding, as I was way to stressed about Libby and keeping her sane (and me sane) and on task to fuss with a camera. I did take some good ones elsewhere though. For the moment I'll leave you with this picture of Grace.

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is happening in out house. I have a feeling we are going to have a few sleepless nights ahead of us as the girls are going to be...{gulp} sharing a room! We recieved their bunk bed today and we are going shopping for bedding this evening. This morning when I made the call to confirm when they were going to be here Libby got really excited. She jumped up and down and said, "I am so excited for tonight!" Then she stopped and said, "Well, kind of excited. I'm not excited all the way." Knowing the answer I asked her why she wasn't all the way excited. She said (with a growl), "The little one!" Like I said, a few sleepless nights are ahead of us.

Libby wasn't satisfied being amusing just in the morning. She decided to tell the guys who put her bed together all of her "funny" stories, too. It was hilarious listening to her tell the stories to two complete strangers. If there had been some context it would have made sense, but Libby never set the stories up, she just told them. So you got a little bit of, "I think they should call Hillcrest Russia instead," and some, "At Abby's funeral..." and some, "I just went scampering right over there". Quite comical...especially when you KNOW that Hillcrest is a road in Dubuque that people like to speed (thus rush-a) on or that Libby was recently in Abby's WEDDING. This girl has a future in entertainment. :)

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Potty Update

Well, I guess we got the ball rolling with those first couple of days because ever since we've been on the road Grace has been doing a decent job of pottying. She has an average of going potty on the potty once a day. A few days not at all, but then again, a few days where she has been on the potty two or three times. Once we get back home and can try to concentrate on it a little more (like on the potty every hour instead of out with friends too often) we should be able to progress a little more quickly...or at least that's what I'm hoping. :)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Our Pet Hippo

The other day Libby and I had one of those cute little conversations that you never want to go away.

Libby asked why Michael Knight (yes, she is an avid "Knight Rider" fan) always ended up in the pound. After figuring out that she meant the pound was jail I answered her question. Then I told her that the pound could be like a jail for animals. We discussed some animals that you could probably find in a pound (mainly cats and dogs) and then she said, "but you wouldn't find a hippo in the pound." I asked her where hippos do live and she said "in water." I looked at her matter of factly, then, and said, "Oh! Can we get one for our bathtub then?" She laughed at me and said that they lived in bigger water than a bath tub, so I asked her for an example. She said, "like at the zoo." So, we determined that maybe hippos should stay in the zoo rather than our bathtub. :)

In Two Months Time...

major changes can occur!

Grace is actually EATING some of the corn now. :)

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One Tired Boy!

John was so tired the other day that he just crashed in his literally, crashed! What a pillow.

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Bubby's Sunday Menu

Although Bubby got his daily formula, prunes and solids...he also got quite a few treats yesterday, too. He ate probably a 1/4 of a cinnamon roll, 2 french fries and at least 1/2 of mommy's one scoop sundae at Culver's. Note to self: order two scoops next time. :)