Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Night

Last night went pretty well. We got bedding at Target, came home and tossed it all in the washer and then the dryer. The girls' bedtime is 9:00 and the bedding was finshed at 9:05. Grace crawled right into her bed...and then got out and said she had to go potty. After she DID go potty she got right back in...and then got out and wanted some milk. After her drink of milk (which I brought to her room) she laid back down and I didn't hear from the girls again until this morning.

At which point Libby said, "I had to wake Grace up by singing 'Rise and Shine'." Oops! I had to explain to her that instead of purposefully waking her sister up she needed to try to be quiet so Grace could continue to sleep. She understood about an hour later when Grace was throwing uncontrollable fits because she was tired. You live and learn!

Tonight we should have Bubby in his room, too. Right now his room is the holding place for all of the old bed parts from Libby's room. We'll get them put away and hopefully I'll be able to change the plate decor out soon so that his room looks a little more masculine. One day at a time...

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