Monday, August 02, 2010

Our Pet Hippo

The other day Libby and I had one of those cute little conversations that you never want to go away.

Libby asked why Michael Knight (yes, she is an avid "Knight Rider" fan) always ended up in the pound. After figuring out that she meant the pound was jail I answered her question. Then I told her that the pound could be like a jail for animals. We discussed some animals that you could probably find in a pound (mainly cats and dogs) and then she said, "but you wouldn't find a hippo in the pound." I asked her where hippos do live and she said "in water." I looked at her matter of factly, then, and said, "Oh! Can we get one for our bathtub then?" She laughed at me and said that they lived in bigger water than a bath tub, so I asked her for an example. She said, "like at the zoo." So, we determined that maybe hippos should stay in the zoo rather than our bathtub. :)

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