Thursday, December 31, 2009

Opry Land 2009

I remember going to Opry Land when I was a little girl at Christmas time. It all looked so big and so gorgeous to me. I was in awe as I walked (probably a little bit of running went on too) around. I was so glad that we had the opportunity (thank you Tom and Janet) to share that experience with my girls. Grace had a blast just running about and riding the escalators and Libby had a soft spot for the little elves that were out. Most of them were high enough in the foilage that we could just look at them, but this one was close enough to touch. I told her to give him a kiss and got this shot. I love it! She just looks like a little model with her lips all puckered up. :) I hope that, at least, Libby is old enough to file this trip away in her memory.

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Birthday Girl

My beautiful little clean freak! She was so excited about her cake that she got her hand in it. I tried to get her to lick it off of her hand and she kept saying, "towel, towel, towel". :) She had a few problems with blowing the candles out, but had a blast trying over and over again. I was glad that we could share this special 2-year old's birthday with our small group and my family. We are so blessed to have such great friends and family.

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What am I Most Thankful for this Year?

You guessed it! My beautiful children!

I just can't believe how incredibly smart Libby is. I don't know where she gets the brain she has. She always keeps us on our toes as she comes up with something new. She learned early on in this year how to use context clues to figure out what mommy and daddy were spelling. We would even try to spell things backward and she would still be able to get it. Of course, there was one day when we were "showing off" her skills and didn't give her any context. Daddy spelled "K-R-A-P" and she sat there concentrating and talking under her breath until she finally said in her bright and bold voice, "Crap?" I think she thought we were crazy...well, maybe we are!!! I love to hear her laugh. She has such a deep laugh that is so full of joy. I couldn't imagine living without this precious little girl. I adore her and cherish her and can't wait to see what she learns in 2010. I am intimidated, but we will be beginning our "actual" (I've been working with her on and off over the past year) homeschooling year. I can't wait to just see her knowledge and imagination take off.

As for Grace, oh my goodness, is she our ham! If she doesn't have everyone's attention, she is working on it. She doesn't know what the word "fear" means and will climb just about anything. I am waiting for the day that I hear that she has climbed Mt. Everest. :) Motor skills are her specialty and although she scares the ever living daylights out of me sometimes, she is in control. Very rarely does she miss her mark. She is our wild one that wants to try ANYTHING that even ekes the word exciting. Earlier this year on a trip to Ohio she saw a bungee jumping contraption. She immediately wanted to give it a try! It wasn't quite as fun as she expected (because she couldn't fly in the air), but she still had fun for the first couple of minutes. She warmed the attendant's heart so much that her "experience" was free. She is just entering the world of "no, it's not all about you" and she isn't liking that too much, but when she is having fun...her little eyes just twinkle! I can't wait to watch as her motor skills come into sharper focus this next year and I get to watch my Little Miss Independent learn new things...although the climbing out of the crib thing is NOT cool!

As for this precious little man...I don't even have words to describe the utter joy that I have found in him. He is just so calm and so loving. I think if you were to add up the amount of time he might come to an hour a day, if that. He enjoys observing his sisters as they run and jump and play and LOVES to be cuddled. I am absolutely adoring all of his chubbiness as I have never had that before. Both of his sister's dote on him and are so good with him. I can't wait to just love on him in the upcoming year. I wish I could freeze frame him right here. He is just my little darling!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

For Grandma Tucker

I think I remember doing a post similar to this for Grandma Tucker a few years back with another certain little girl. I know you can't see much of her, but you can at least tell that she DOES have clothes on! Both of my girls have gone through this phase of not wanting to keep clothes on. I'm glad we pay our heat bill so that they don't have to be frozen. Neither of them will wear pajamas to bed. Libby has at least started wearing her clothes to bed, but Grace will only sleep in her diaper right now. My crazy children!

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6-ish Weeks

Libby at 6-ish weeks.

Grace at 6-ish weeks.

John at 6-ish weeks.
They are definitely siblings, but they definitely each have their own characteristics too! I think I'll keep all three of them. :)

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Let It Snow

Grandma Tucker sent John a new outfit in the mail. I thought today was an appropriate day to let him wear it for the first time since we are buried under snow. I thought about trying to get the snow as a background for the picture, but between the fact that it was too bright and too cold, I didn't. I love this outfit on him. It's so adorable. I can't wait for him to wear it in Tennessee (despite the fact that there probably won't be any snow down there).

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O Christmas Tree

Ok, so I forgot to take a picture of the Christmas tree when we were finished. I'll take one later. We weren't sure whether we were going to put the tree up for Christmas this year because we will be in Tennessee for Christmas, but who can resist the Christmas spirit? Libby is old enough to "get" some of the traditions that surround this time of year and this is one of them. I'm glad we put it up. It wouldn't be Christmas without it.

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