Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh Joy!

I have been trying for THREE months to get a good picture of these three gems together. It hasn't worked...until TODAY!!! Yea! I finally got a good picture of all three. This just warms my heart to post (and take) pictures like this. The prayer of my heart for my children is that God will knit their hearts together. I see so many families where the siblings hardly know each other, or worse yet, won't even speak to each other. It breaks my heart and I am saddened by it. I absolutely adore my sisters, no matter what. They may make me mad at times, but I couldn't give up my love for them. I pray that my children grow up feeling the same way about each other.

Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful children you have entrusted Chris and me with. I pray that they grow up to love you with all of their hearts, minds and souls. I pray that they love each other always and that you intertwine their hearts together so that when one is sad, they all are conscious of it and when when is happy they are all happy together. Amen.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This little girl really wants hair. She looks so longingly (ok, she straight out begs) while we brush Libby's hair (and Libby HATES it). She has always had an obsession with hair. this picture was taken of her last January...when she had NO hair.

And, now, this January, she is finally growing some hair! She is so proud of her locks. I think she's about where Libby was at 15 months, but at least it's coming in slowly, but surely.

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Hungry Girl!

We have never had too many problems with Grace eating. Tonight was no exception...she dove into her peanut butter sandwich.

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She Loves Him

She really does. The camera was right beside me so I told her to keep hold of him for just a second. I took the picture and said, "Please, put him down before you DROP him."

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Stepping Stool

Ok, first things first, my house is really NOT this dirty. I am just not a detail-oriented person so I forget things like these little decorative pieces of wood at the bottom of the piece of furniture. Seriously, the top of this shelf (and the shelves in front of the dvd's and videos) ARE clean. Either way, Grace evidently thought this was a great place to boost her up higher so she could cause messes in higher areas. :)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Libby has been working very hard on her first memory verse. Once she learned it she was allowed to go to Jumpin' Janes (an indoor bounce house) here in town. It is so beautiful for mommy to hear the words of the Lord coming out of my darling's mouth. Originally, I had planned on having her learn a verse about honoring your mother and father or something she was having issues with, but then I decided to forego that for now. I would rather her learn verses that will help her to know who she is in the Lord (once she chooses to make that decision) and help her to know who God is and how wonderful He is. Therefore, the next verse we will learn is Matthew 6:33. I am so excited about her memorizing scripture because it helps me memorize it as well. I can't wait to have a whole arsenal of scripture to throw in Satan's face...and know that my daughter has that arsenal as well. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Throw Another Penny in the Wishin' Well

As I was taking care of John's necessities the other morning, Libby came wandering in the room. She came over and asked me why her wish hadn't come true. I asked her which wish she was talking about (meaning where did she make the wish). She replied in all honesty, "That you are the queen, daddy is the king, I am the princess, John is the prince and Grace is the monster." Oh! I did find out that she made the wish at one of the wishing ponds at Opry Land. :)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

We Love Our Grandbabies!

Yes, the grandparents really do love Libby too. It's just that Libby is a big girl and is always on the move. As for Grace, though, she is all about her grandparents right now. And, John is just enjoying all the loving arms holding him.

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My Football Player

No, I'm not talking about Chris here. I know more about football than him. :) Where is that child's neck though? His chubby little double chin just sits on top of his chubby little body and chubby little arms. I love this picture!!!

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All Smiles!

I know, you are probably getting tired of all of these pictures with John smiling, but seriously, he melts my heart EVERY time he smiles. He is just such a doll baby. I can not wait as he starts to learn things...then again, I can. I enjoy just cuddling him and holding him and watching him smile and observe everything going on around him right now. I'm so glad the joys of motherhood outweigh the bad. :)

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When we go to Tennessee we always have to make sure to eat at Chik-Fil-A on Monday nights. That is there kids night and they have a guy there that makes balloon animals (well, balloon anythings) for all the kids. It is, literally, the highlight of our trip. Libby was dead set on getting a sword this time, but as you see, she didn't get it. This guy is amazing! You ask for it? He can make it! After he told her that he thought she would enjoy something more than a sword, grandpa came up with the idea of Tinkerbell and Libby loved it since she has been into her for awhile now. The guy thought for about a minute, then he whipped her right out for Libby. John just stared mesmerized (maybe by the sound?) and Grace would go in intervals of watching intently and crying because she didn't think she was going to get anything. :) Poor girl! Once he finished Libby's Tinkerbell, though, he asked what she wanted. Although she is speaking decently, she just stared at him for a bit. So we decided that she should have a cat like the cat she takes to bed at night. She loved hers, as well. On the trip home from Tennessee she would hold him in her hands and then, as she fell asleep, she would drop him. She would wake up immediately and start crying, "Cat, cat, cat!" I am just amazed at how this man can do these things. I'm lucky to make a poodle. And at the very bottom, that is Libby's version of balloon animals. :)

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Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Tucker

Ok, I'm slowly, but surely catching up here. I will be finished with 2009 before you know it. :)

We went to Tennessee this year for Christmas. It is the first time I have been in the south for Christmas, and I have to admit, it was kind of strange not seeing a white winterland. We had a blast though. Christmas morning as soon as everyone woke up we gathered in the living room for presents. Grace and Libby were ready to roll (1A) and Grace was not going to wait on anyone, so she started to open her present while Grandpa read the Christmas story (1B). After that present daddy and mommy told her "NO!" and she was NOT very happy (1C). Libby waited patiently until the story had been read and then happily unwrapped her first gift (2A). Then, Grace finally got to get it going on with her paper wripping (2B). As for John, he really didn't care what was going on as long as he could take a nap (2C). The last row of pictures, well, that was the aftermath of Christmas. The best present? Chris recieved 100 mouse traps from his parents. They forgot to tell us about the white elephant part of it though. :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Woods Visit

...and Hannah, too. :)

Grandpa is holding his little her normal attire. Nothing! Ok, maybe a diaper.

Grandma has a hold of her handsome little man. She can't get enough of him.

Aunt Hannah is finally getting her turn holding John. Libby is watching a dvd with Hannah and John is just enjoying being held.

And Grandpa knows how important food is to little boys, he makes sure to take care of his grandson. And John? Well, as long as he's being fed, he is quite a happy little man!!!

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Christmas Time

Everybody loves to dress up at Christmas time. Here is Libby in two of her Christmas dresses that she got to pick out. Grace liked the one so much she thought she would take a turn in it. And John, well, he is just chillin' out in his snow outfit for Christmas.

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