Saturday, December 29, 2012

Does It Have to End?

I have to say that, as a mom, this has probably been my favorite Christmas ever!  I didn't even realize it until I was gushing to a friend tonight about each of my kiddos.  I couldn't stop!  I am sure she was thinking, "You can stop...any time now...really!"  I am just thrilled that God blessed me with my three special children!

Libby had the chance to spend some time with her cousin, Grant, who is four months older than her.  I can't tell you what a wonderful time they had together and how well they acted.  By the end of our time in Tennessee she exclaimed, "I want to buy Grant!"  She offered her aunt and uncle $100, but for some odd reason, they didn't take her up on her offer.  ;)  I have never really done the Santa thing, and in fact for the first four years of her life I made it a point to tell her that he wasn't real, but she always wanted to believe anyway...and, I just let her!  She is like her daddy, you don't ever convince her of anything.  She has to come to whatever conclusion it may be...ON HER OWN!  So, this year was the first year that she figured out that maybe Santa wasn't real after all.  Maybe it was Grandpa who stuffed those stockings and ate those cookies.  (Side Note:  Grandpa did an excellent job at trying to convince her of Santa's reality by sticking some "fluff" on the milk cup from Santa's beard and leaving a piece of Santa's suit in the fire place.)  You could tell that it was a little bit tough for her to let go, but she was determined that if he is not real than she wants to be let in on the truth...period!  Libby's compassionate heart also showed through this year.  She received quite a lump of cash to go toward her i-pad.  As we were driving through the streets of a suburb of Nashville Janet and I were talking about the homeless people who sell papers on almost all the corners.  Libby just couldn't bare the fact that these people were homeless and she wanted to give them ALL of her Christmas money.  I love that heart in her!  Grandma and I explained that she couldn't give it all to them, but she could give them some, so when we got home we figured out her tithe and she asked if we could set aside another 10% to give to a homeless person in our town. 

Grace is just my little jumping jack!  There is no other way to put it.  She is here, there and everywhere!  She also enjoyed her time with Grant.  In fact, she has decided that she "loves him"!  She also had some fun getting to know Abigayle.  They colored so well together and had some good one-on-one time.  This little stinker just made my day when we had Christmas with my parents.  I had bought her an art kit.  After all the presents were open, she opened the art kit to see what was inside.  As she pulled the glue out she started to literally jump up and down and shout, "I got glue!  I got glue for Christmas!  I got glue!"  Why that was her highlight, I'm not sure, but she was beyond thrilled.  This year she also spent quite a bit of time cuddling with both of her grandpas.  She enjoyed her time with both grandparents immensely!

Then there is John!  What can I say about John?  He is my little ham!  This is the first year that he really got in to Christmas.  Starting with the ornaments when we put the tree up where he would pick each one up and exclaim, "I made this one!" to eating Christmas left overs and claiming he couldn't find his fork (while he patted it under the table cloth) so that he wouldn't have to eat his carrots (which he devoured)...this boy has brought so much joy to my heart.  We had piles of presents in front of the kids while Grandpa Tucker read the Christmas story.  We were all listening intently when what did we hear?  "Awesome!"  as he couldn't resist opening one of the presents that was lying tantalizingly at his feet.  Not to mention him calling out, "That's what I talking 'bout!" each time he opened a present at the Christmas we had with my parents.  He has so much energy and such a love for life!  I can't wait to see what happens as he gets older and starts REALLY getting the true message of Christmas, but I will treasure this Christmas and a little boy's excitement!

These three children have been such a blessing to me.  I am so honored to have each of these children in my life!  I thank God for them each and every day...and I know there are a few other folks out there who do the same.  :D


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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Truck Time

Oh!  My all-boy little John!  How I love him and the variety he brings to life!!!

We all know that John loves his vehicles, but one of the things he loves to do with those vehicles is to line them all up in a row.  You will find them in rows from front to back and rows side by side.  Just whatever he feels like for the moment.  Well, yesterday he chose to line them all up side by side.  Then he took the medium sized orange tractor and stopped at each vehicle, saying to each, "Are you my baby?"  Then replying, "Nope!"  He did this the whole way down the row until he hit the last vehicle...a little orange tractor.  At this one he answered, "Yes!  You are my baby!"

Momma and baby tractor reunited!

Today his game was a little bit different.  Today he put a blue bucket over a couple of cars and then ran back and forth from his bedroom to get the "bad guys" to guard their prisoner.  :)


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Friday, December 21, 2012

Look Who's Five!

Why does five seem to be such a big number?  I suppose it is because it means that we are leaving the preschool years behind soon.  It doesn't seem like it was five years ago when I waited all day at the hospital for this little girl.  Seriously, I missed the doctor I wanted because it took so long for her to come.  Oh well, such is life!  ;)

Grace is so precious to me and I am so thankful she is in my life!  It is fun to watch as she slowly, but surely emerges from her shell.  Last night Grandma Woods made cookies with the kids.  Libby and John came and went as it was their turn to add ingredients, not Grace though.  She stayed right by grandma's side and did a great job adding and mixing and plopping cookies on the sheet.  I can't wait to make more goodies with my big five year old girl!


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Monday, December 17, 2012

Why Are You SO Mad?

If I have said it once, I have said it 100 times...I LOVE the Parents As Teachers program!  I love our gal that comes out to see us and I love the projects she brings!

Today the kids (including Libby!) made ornaments.  John chose to make a gingerbread man and did a great job with his little friend.  Momma had fun helping him out and was smiling as she gave him the last piece for his gingerbread man...his mouth.  My look turned to confusion as you can see how he placed the mouth in the picture below.  At this point, we had the following conversation:

Mom: Does his mouth look a little funny to you?
John: No. He is frownin'.
Mom: Why?
John: He is mad!
Mom: Why is he mad?
John: He has mud on his hat.

Then...he took off to play!  I love my son! 

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Friday, December 14, 2012

You Better Watch Out!

Guess she found out that all she's getting for Christmas is a lump of coal!


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Family is Precious

As I filled out my Christmas cards this morning I couldn't help but stare at my beautiful family every time I slipped the picture in the envelope.  I am so happy to be married to such an amazing man!  I am so thrilled to parent these three beautiful children! 

I finished my cards and left to take Grace to school.  She was crying when we got there because she had dropped my phone between the seats in the van and was worried we wouldn't be able to recover it.  I held her in the doorway at school while she cried for probably five minutes before she calmed down enough to join her friends. 

When I came home I came downstairs to check my email and saw the awful carnage of the Conneticut school shooting.  I just sat down and cried.  As details emerged and I realized that so many of these children were so close to my Grace's age...I don't even have words.  My heart goes out to these families.  I am so thankful for mine!

I am thankful that after almost a dozen years of marriage Chris isn't ready to let go of me yet.  ;)

How can you not love these absolutely beautifully children?  I am so fortunate!

My Santa Baby!

Love this picture of Gracie!

My beautiful baby isn't a baby anymore!


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


As I put the kids in the van yesterday John started to play with the electric doors and the lights and anything else he could get his hands on.  I sat him in his seat and said, "Young man, this is a car NOT a toy!  Repeat to me what I just told you."  He looked at me like I had lost my mind for a few seconds as I stared him down, and then I hear in the meekest of voices, "Well, it is a TOY-ota."  Thanks, Grace!  I let it go at that.  How am I supposed to combat that one?!  Love my kids!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Party

Saturday night, Chris and I attended his work Christmas party.  I usually look forward to going, and then get there and kick myself because I don't know anyone.  This year, though, I really enjoyed myself.  I am to the point where I have friends that I used to see all the time, but haven't seen in a LONG time!  A lot of them have husband's that also work at Deere so I got to see them and catch up.  Some of Chris's co-workers are starting to get married and it is enjoyable to get to know their wives, as well.  The kids had a great time with the baby sitter and Chris and I got to dress up all fancy-like.  Perfection! 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Household Funny

I decided it was time to bite the bullet and do the dreaded task of cleaning toilets this morning.  I was saved from it when Grace and John decided to fight over which one of them got to clean them instead.  It was very important that each got to do the same amount of toilets and Grace even muttered, "I did better than him."  I stayed to supervise, but sure I can add that to your chore list!  :)

For Katie

This is for you, Katie.  See?  I'm not the perfect baker!  :)


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Friday, November 30, 2012

Overheard at Christmas

Tonight was the night the kids have been waiting for all week.  (John didn't even know he was excited about it until tonight.) We put up the Christmas tree!!! As daddy brought the Christmas tree upstairs, mommy put some Christmas music on for atmosphere.  When "Joy to the World" came on Libby started blaring, "Heavenly angels sing," and I smiled to myself.  Then, I heard daddy correct her, "No, it's heaven AND angels sing."  I was doubled over laughing at that point.

It was so fun to watch Johnny get in the Christmas spirit this year!  As soon as daddy had the Christmas tree set up he kept exclaiming, "Yay!  Best Christmas tree ever!!!"  Then, as the kids started hanging the ornaments Libby and Grace were picking out the ornaments that they had made to put on the tree first.  Johnny couldn't resist joining in the fun and every ornament he hung he would pick it up and call out, "I made this!" and then hang it on the tree.

He got to hang quite a few of them up and I had to snap a few pictures of the ornaments all bunched up at the bottom of the Christmas tree.  I treasure the small hands that are close to the ground to make our tree beautiful!


Last story of the night.  Libby and Grace set up our Little People Nativity Set.  The three kids were over playing with it when I heard Grace repeating over and over, "There's no dragon, right Libby?"  I looked over to see what she was talking about and John was trying very hard to add his rubber dragon to the scene. 

I love Christmas and I love my family.  I enjoy this evening of putting up the tree probably even more than Christmas day.  For me, I love the excitement of my children as we begin to set our minds on Jesus birth.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Just had to share!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday

This was our Black Friday purchase this year.  Our extended warranty ran out on the 2004 Expedition and it was time to stop driving a tank...(9-12 MPG City, 15 MPG Hwy).  Thankfully, my husband KNOWS how to shop for vehicles.  He is patient and obsessive vigilant, and waits for the right price.  We pretty much stole this vehicle in a "right time, right place" kind of deal.  Now, when I am just putzing around town, I am getting about 20 MPG!  I can't wait to get 'er on the open road to see what she'll do! 


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