Saturday, December 22, 2012

Truck Time

Oh!  My all-boy little John!  How I love him and the variety he brings to life!!!

We all know that John loves his vehicles, but one of the things he loves to do with those vehicles is to line them all up in a row.  You will find them in rows from front to back and rows side by side.  Just whatever he feels like for the moment.  Well, yesterday he chose to line them all up side by side.  Then he took the medium sized orange tractor and stopped at each vehicle, saying to each, "Are you my baby?"  Then replying, "Nope!"  He did this the whole way down the row until he hit the last vehicle...a little orange tractor.  At this one he answered, "Yes!  You are my baby!"

Momma and baby tractor reunited!

Today his game was a little bit different.  Today he put a blue bucket over a couple of cars and then ran back and forth from his bedroom to get the "bad guys" to guard their prisoner.  :)


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