Friday, December 14, 2012

Family is Precious

As I filled out my Christmas cards this morning I couldn't help but stare at my beautiful family every time I slipped the picture in the envelope.  I am so happy to be married to such an amazing man!  I am so thrilled to parent these three beautiful children! 

I finished my cards and left to take Grace to school.  She was crying when we got there because she had dropped my phone between the seats in the van and was worried we wouldn't be able to recover it.  I held her in the doorway at school while she cried for probably five minutes before she calmed down enough to join her friends. 

When I came home I came downstairs to check my email and saw the awful carnage of the Conneticut school shooting.  I just sat down and cried.  As details emerged and I realized that so many of these children were so close to my Grace's age...I don't even have words.  My heart goes out to these families.  I am so thankful for mine!

I am thankful that after almost a dozen years of marriage Chris isn't ready to let go of me yet.  ;)

How can you not love these absolutely beautifully children?  I am so fortunate!

My Santa Baby!

Love this picture of Gracie!

My beautiful baby isn't a baby anymore!


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