Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mini Me

Grace came home talking about her "little" water bottle some time in her second week of preschool.  I had no clue what she was talking about and just passed it off as something type of game they had played at school or something.  Then, the next week she showed me her NEW water bottle.  I asked her where her old water bottle was and she said, "I told you, it got little," and she ran to her mail box and pulled it out.  It was little alright!  It was even kind of cute.  It wasn't going to work as a water bottle anymore though.  I guess I should have specified that it wasn't dish washer safe.  ;)


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Fall is when we fall on God and give thanks.  When the leaves change color and fall to the ground like we fall on God.  Like we should give thanks in all circumstances.  Leaves come in different colors like red orange and yellow.  Red for the love, orange for the care, yellow for the thanks.  That's what fall is all about.

By Libby

*This story was unprompted by me.  She just sat down and started to write.  I did help with the editing process though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gracie Update

That little booger knows her friends' names!  She has always known more than I have realized.  I know it, but haven't figured out how to draw that knowledge out of her.  Yesterday, I picked her up from school and when she showed Libby the "work board" she said, "Where is Mya?  Oh!  There she is her job is xyz."  She knows their names, she just won't tell me.  On that note, time to go pick her up!

Beautiful Baby!

Libby and I are home and back to reality after a 1-week vacation to help Aunt Hannah with her brand new, beautiful baby girl, London Elise!

London is a sweetie and REALLY a good baby except...she might have her nights and days mixed up.  ;)  Hannah is an exceptional momma and has handled herself well. 

We can't wait to go back and see London again.  Hopefully next time Grace and John will get to see her too.


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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Reoccurring Conversation

Although I am trying to potty train John right now, I still have ample opportunity to change his diapers.  (Potty training a boy is totally different that a girl...but that's a blog post for another time!)  Since I have his full attention when I am changing him, I decided to use the time for a simple lesson time with him.  So, I wrote his name on the powder bottle.

Now, every time I pick up the powder bottle, I ask John what it says.  His answer is always the same: "G-R-A-C"  (He used to add the E, but he as at least learned that there are only four letters on the bottle.)  I always smile on the outside (and giggle on the inside) and reply, "J-O-H-N, John."  Then we finish off the interchange with him saying, "John."  Every time!

I assume some day that he will realize what G-R-A-C-E actually spells and know how to spell his own name.  Until then, I will revel in how adorable he is.  :)

Friday, September 07, 2012

Photo Shoot

I was trying to get "the" perfect shot of John.  I never did find exactly what I was looking for, but daddy, Libby and I all had fun trying, and, well, he's pretty darn cute in ALL of these pictures.  :) 

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Gracie Quotes

I have loved watching Grace come home from preschool every day for the past two weeks minus the temper tantrums from being tired.  I knew that sending her would be good for her little personality and that has proved to be true.  It is fun to see the differences between her and Libby because they are both REALLY different little girls.

I ask Grace every day if she knows any of her friends' names yet and every day she answers, "My teacher's name is Mister Nicole!  She's a girl and she's going to have a baby."  Libby knew everyone in her class room after the first day.

I ask Grace what she did at school and her answer is usually, "I don't know...had fun."  Libby would list each of her activities in order from favorite to least favorite.

That being said, Grace has been worrying more and more about how she looks and that leads to some of the funniest things being said.  Yesterday she came out in a skirt and she asked, "Mom, do this look cute or do this look yucky on me?"

Then, today, on the way to school with daddy she said, "I shoulda brought my brush.  My hair is all crazied up!"

I am absolutely adoring this little personality that is peeking out!