Saturday, September 08, 2012

Reoccurring Conversation

Although I am trying to potty train John right now, I still have ample opportunity to change his diapers.  (Potty training a boy is totally different that a girl...but that's a blog post for another time!)  Since I have his full attention when I am changing him, I decided to use the time for a simple lesson time with him.  So, I wrote his name on the powder bottle.

Now, every time I pick up the powder bottle, I ask John what it says.  His answer is always the same: "G-R-A-C"  (He used to add the E, but he as at least learned that there are only four letters on the bottle.)  I always smile on the outside (and giggle on the inside) and reply, "J-O-H-N, John."  Then we finish off the interchange with him saying, "John."  Every time!

I assume some day that he will realize what G-R-A-C-E actually spells and know how to spell his own name.  Until then, I will revel in how adorable he is.  :)

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