Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Medical Update

Did I worry you for a second? Ha ha! The girls just had their check ups yesterday so I thought I would post about them. Libby, who started out in the 5th percentile weight-wise, is now in the 55th percentile weight-wise. I can't even imagine what she would look like if she was in the 5th percentile now. Wow! She is also in the 75th percentile for her height. Tall and skinny...just like her mom and dad...ha ha ha ha! I'm laughing my head off now.

Anyway, Grace was 5th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. Evidently Libby stole all the height from her. As for the weight, the nurse practitioner obviously wasn't worried since she scolded me for having Grace on whole milk. What!?! I will switch Libby's milk out, but as for Grace, I think I'm just going to roll my eyes at the doctor's office on that one. Is that a bad mommy trait? If so, I guess I'll have to accept it because the doctor's are always changing their minds about what is "good" for our children anyway.

In conclusion, three healthy children!

As I Thought

This is Libby two years ago, at 2 years and 3 months age. And this is how she felt about the particular shirt I had put on her. She wasn't going to have ANYTHING to do with it!!!

And here is Grace...at 18 months (the shirt is a little big on her) with NO PROBLEMS with the shirt. I knew she would be just as fine with it as Libby was upset about it. That's just Grace!

Another Week of School

It seems kind of weird that I'm just starting school with Libby when everyone else is getting out of school for the summer. Leave it to me to do things akwardly! :) Anyway, this week Libby learned about apples and here is her art project for the week. She is excited to take it with her to Tennessee to show grandma and grandpa. We have discovered just a few things in the past couple of weeks. First of all, it is best to do school while Grace is napping...she wants to "learn" too, and it's not good. Secondly, the only part that we are having personality clashes with is the handwriting. I am trying to show Libby the "right" way to write and she is pretty sure that she knows exactly how it's done. Other than that, things are going great!

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Check Her Out!

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Bath Time

The girls LOVE bath time. The other night I let them enjoy bubbles in their bath. They both had a blast!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Finished Product?

Ok, I have FINALLY finished Libby's second scrapbook. I have one last page that I need to figure out what I want to with it and then I have to put a picture in the front window of the book. I've narrowed it down to one of these four pictures, but they all look cute to me. Which one do YOU think I should use?

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Friday, June 12, 2009


*No, she isn't drinking from a sippy cup. It belongs to Grace. We lost it outside this morning and she found it for us.

Libby has been dying to learn for the longest time now. We started lesson plans last fall, but those fell quickly by the wayside as I realized I didn't have the energy to try to keep up with both babysitting and school. Now that I am finished babysitting, I have so much more energy and have really enjoyed this week of teaching Libby. Let me reiterate that Libby really WANTS to learn...this is NOT an insane momma trying to get her "fix" in. :)

Anyway, this week we have been learning about the letter L, and go with that, leaves. Libby has been learning to take care of a plant (as well as I can show her...it isn't dead, yet, at least) and has had some fun with leaf rubbings and painting the outline of leaves. She had a blast with it! I am looking forward to continuing with her and hope that she will have a fairly good grasp on reading by the time she heads back to pre-school this fall. She should, she is already spelling 3-letter words and can find them in print as well.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hungry Girl!

Yes, Grace is our little eater. Where as we could hardly EVER (still can't very well) get Libby to eat...Grace likes food! Here she is sharing daddy's taco with him. She literally ate ate at least a third of this monster of a taco. Crazy girl!

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Daddy's Little(?) Helper

Libby and I were given the task by daddy to bring all the "black snakes" up from the back yard. They were so caked with mud that Libby had a hard time carrying them so she only brought one or two up. Therefore, John did most of the hard work. He's a strong little baby after all. I think he was probably glad that he was still inside mommy so that she had to help him out just a little bit. :) None the less, here is a picture of what I looked like AFTER I dragged all those puppies up from the mud.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

My Amish Girl

Grandma Tucker will be REALLY proud of her Libby. This morning Libby wanted to put a dress on that she had already worn. She didn't want it to be "dirty", but she wanted to wear it as we walked out the door 15 minutes later. I told her she had to choose whether to where the dress dirty or choose something else to where until it was cleaned. She put the dress back so I could clean it and then came running back in the room. Excitedly, she said, "I have an even better idea! We can put the dress outside for the rain to clean and then let the sun dry it!" I explained to her that it might not be a wise idea to let the rain wash it, but we could defintely let the sun dry our clothes. She is very excited about getting some sort of clothes line out and experimenting with the sun drying our clothes! We'll just have to wait until that rain goes away, get a line and then we'll be all set. :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Daddy's Girl and Fire Safety

First of all, Grace literally wanted NOTHING to do with her daddy the first 12 months of her life. She was a mommy's girl and that was that. Then she started warming up to him and since we've been home from Ohio...well, I can forget it, I've taken a back seat. She is ALL about her daddy! When he walks out of a room she cries. All she wants is to be with her dad...whether he's on the tractor or not! Oh well, I'm glad they are forming that bond. :)


Then there is Libby...our Little Miss Say It as It Is! One of our neighbors has a tendency to start fires just inside the woods and we are afraid that it is going to catch the whole woods on fire eventually. Well, tonight he came down to our house and Libby walked up to him and said, "You don't start your fires in a smart place." He took it pretty well in stride, but I don't think he's going to listen to her fire safety advice either.

Flashback Friday!

Both my little girls one year ago. :) Notice we were still in the old house. We will have lived here for one year at the end of this month.

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Have I Blogged this Yet?

I don't think I have. Yes, that is a brush you see in my little darling's hand. Yes, she is trying to brush her hair. That little girl needs some hair. She loves, and I mean LOVES, to brush her hair. She is such a girly girl. She will take whatever brush she can get a hold of and just stroke it over her little bald head. It's quite hilarious to watch.

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Lunch Time

We had the supper table and chairs all out of the way the other day so that we could mop the kitchen floor. We didn't really want to let the girls eat on the carpet, yet we didn't think that picnic style on the wood would work either. I finally got bright and brought up the table that Aunt Judy got us for Christmas a few years ago. The girls LOVED it! Grace wanted nothing to do with her high chair and Libby had a blast too. Alas, the fun had to end as I finished mopping and put everything back to normal. I did tell Libby we could have snacks downstairs every once in awhile though. :)

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Little Midnight

"In the little midnight, daddy and I were in the shade." ~Libby

Libby calls darkness midnight. So, now dusk is called "the little midnight". How clever of her.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Daddy's John Deere Girls

Oh, daddy knows how to raise his girls right. Last night he was out trying to do some work in the yard on his tractor and I needed to run some stuff down to the neighbors. I took both girls along with me. Usually, Grace rides in the stroller, but this time she acted like she wanted to walk, so I took her hand and she walked with me...until we reached the tractor. She immediately ran to her daddy and held her arms up for him to pick her up. I tried to pick her up and she, of course, started to scream. Daddy said he'd take her for awhile and Libby and I went on our way. When we came back I asked Chris if he wanted me to take Grace from him and he said he wouldn't mind it. I held my arms out to her and she just shook her head no. We laughed and I tried again...same response. She got the best of daddy because he let her stay awhile longer.

Then, tonight, Chris went out around 8:00 pm to do some more work. This time Libby went with him while I put Grace to bed. 8:00 is her bed time, after all. She wasn't going to have any of it. Every time that daddy rolled by her window on the tractor, she yelled and bellowed at him. I don't know how many cuss words are in her vocabulary, but she used them all on him tonight. I finally had enough of listening to her bellow and took her out to her dad. She was in heaven...again! She got about 15 minutes on the tractor and now she's back inside, so maybe we'll try that bed time thing again. :)

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