Friday, May 30, 2008

Alter Ego

While we were Indiana Aunt Judy dubbed Libby "Clyde" because she was being a pill. So, all weekend long we called her by that name. Well, I hadn't thought about it much until today (she's been a booger all day, not bad, just a booger) when I asked her if she could just listen to what I was saying. She responded with, "No, I'm Clyde." Now, how can you get aggrivated with that?

Chris's Girls

Although I'm in this picture, I posted it more for the fact of the girls' height difference. I think it's so funny to see them "stand" side by side. I also find it hard to believe the difference that three years makes. Libby used to be this height too, and now look at her!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Columbian Zoo

They are in a mixed up order, but none the less, here are the pictures of Libby's fun day at Columbian.

Impromptu Visit

Chris got a call about 10:30 am on Friday from his mom asking if we would drive to West Lafayette, Indiana to meet them for the weekend. We didn't have anything too important planned so we decided to go for it. We were there from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon...about 48 full hours. In that time, Libby was at a park probably 8 hours at various different times. Talk about heaven for a little girl. We visited Columbian Zoo and Grace got to know her Aunt Judy a little better. Grace also decided to roll from her back to her tummy and that she wanted some veggies too. We had a great visit and I'll follow this up with some pictures of Libby at Columbian.

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Baby Weigh In

Last week I posted that I was a little disappointed with Grace's weight. Well, this week she has gained back all of her sick weight plus 4 ounces. So, she is now up exactly five pounds from birth. Shew! Glad she's back up to par. Now, I only hope she STAYS well since one of the babies had green snot today and of course that was the baby that chose to waller all over Grace and steal her pacifier and the works. We shall see.

Seven Year Itch

Not really...I couldn't ask for a better husband. Seven years ago from yesterday (on a Sunday) Chris and I got married. I am very blessed and very lucky to have him as my husband and can't wait to fill the next seven years with a whole new realm of memories. Yes, beyond that as well. :) I would have posted a wedding picture, but I think all of the digital ones went bye-bye when our last desktop crashed. Besides, this photo is more appropriate as for our anniversary we took the girls to Perkins since kids eat free and then ran around and did "house stuff". Is that a sign of getting old? Ah, so is life. :) Anyway, I think I'm the luckiest woman in the world. You may disagree, but that's alright. I'll forgive you for all of my luck. :)

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Closer and Closer

Our brick is almost finished. We were two corner stones short, but that will be finished as soon as we get them in. Doesn't it look pretty?

We now have our garage doors. How cool is that? I won't be able to just walk on in to the house.

We are now painting as well. Yea! The builder said that he is going to have that done by Saturday night...period. I really like the colors we chose. Hopefully I'll like them once they're on the wall too. I can't wait to go check it out once it's all painted.

The assessment seems to be that we should be in by June 15th. We'll see about it, but I sure the heck am hoping so. Fingers crossed!

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Libby's Hair Cut

Libby got her hair cut today...twice. I've been contemplating getting it done anyway, but I wasn't expecting it to happen quite this way. We went to a friend's house, who shall remain nameless (he he!) to play today and her son decided to get creative. He even put the scissors away when he was finished. It wasn't too bad, but you could definitely tell in spots where it was super short. We decided to trek across town to get it the rest of the way cut. To be honest, I didn't really need to do that. You can't really tell any difference after she cut it, but she did layer it a little bit to hide it a little better. Anyway, it could have been a lot worse and I still love my friend...and her adorable son.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wonderful Weather

Last week we had a few days that were wonderful and sunny, but still only one that was warm enough to take Grace outside. So, we jumped at the chance. Libby was lovin' it!

Grace wasn't so sure about it though. No, I didn't actually push her. I only put her in long enough to take her picture. Libby wanted to push her though. :)

And here is the picture that Libby took of mommy and sister.

Thank you Lord for good weather that we can go play in. Thank you for each season, but thank you for green grass and spring smells after this past winter.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Live Feed

So, I was talking to my friend Jamie and she told me about the live feed she has on her page so that she can tell exactly where people are from that visit her page. I thought that was a very cool idea so I have installed it. Now, I can see where people visit me from. I'm excited about this new addition.


was crazy! We left the house at 8:30 in the morning and didn't get home until three in the afternoon. We had our last Bible study. We were covering the book of John and because of our teacher it was amazing. She would pull things out of the scripture that you would just sit there in your chair and say "Amazing!" to because it was just so profound. I'm gonna miss the Bible study. After that we went to Mc D's with some good friends. While we were there the little girl (who is just a tad younger than Libby) was being a pistol so her mom brought over a high chair and said, "Who is this for?" The little girl immediately said, "Libby!" Ha ha! Then we ran some errands and snuck over to the hospital to get Grace weighed. I didn't like the number that showed itself on the scale, but what can you expect after being sick? Poor girl! I'm glad she's better. :) Then we had our chance to get home. We were there long enough for the girls to get a good nap in and to have supper with daddy and then it was off to small groups. We had a good session last night and then had our "chat" time. Libby wanted something to drink so I grabbed her a cup and went to pour her some water and she told me that wasn't what she wanted. I told her it was water or bust and asked her if she wanted some water. She looked at me and said, "Ummm...bust." It was pretty funny. Then it was running on home and off to bed. Shew! Today is much slower...I don't even know if we'll leave the house.