Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nap Time!

My parents visited (erm...) a month ago.  Here is a typical day (at least one) when they visit.

John tried to tell us all he wasn't tired.  Do 3-year-old boys ever get tired?

I beg to differ with him!  He not only fell asleep, he fell asleep WHILE playing on grandma's i-phone.


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Monday, April 29, 2013

Books? Books are Good!

Today was the launch of a BRAND NEW book!  Why am I so excited about this book?  This book is an amazing resource for parents who want to train their children in Christ!  It reaches to the depths of the heart and looks at WHY our children (heck, why WE) sin.  It gives so many splendid ideas for grooming your child's heart that I don't think I could put them all in action to save my life, but I want to!  This book is a magnificent treasure whether your child was just born yesterday or is almost out of the house.  I am so totally in love with this book that I have plans to buy it again...this time a hard copy so I can mark it up!

The best part is that if you buy it this week, April 29- May 5, you will be rewarded with so much more than "just a book".  You will also receive $400 worth of resources to help you in your parenting journey.  You can view the eight extra resources at THIS page.  In addition, you can get The Christian Parenting Handbook Companion Guide (a workbook with audio clips to help you apply the principles) for free if you purchase 5 or more copies of the book.  All YOU have to do is make your purchase from Amazon, , Barnes and Noble, BAM (Books-A-Million), CBD, or Parable and then send your receipt to Gift@biblicalparenting.org.  They will send you your extras and you will have a wonderful new resource to help you in this journey called parenting!

So, check out the trailer below and then hop on over to any of the above mentioned websites and help yourself!!!

Or, you can try your hand in a hand giveaway.

I will select 5 random winners on Sunday, May 5, to win one of the following prizes:

1. The Honor Multi-Media Package ($59.95 value)
2. A set of 5 Parenting Shifts e-books ($49.95 value)
3. One free Biblical Parenting University Online Parenting Course ($99.95 value)
4. 1 electronic copy of Disciplemaking at Home. ($11.99 value)
5. 1 print copy of The Christian Parenting Handbook and 1 PDF copy of The Christian Parenting Handbook Companion Guide plus Audio Tips. ($49.95)

Spread the word!  The more the merrier!