Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cookies Anyone?

So...I tried to burn the house down. Not really! Libby wanted cookies last night so I thought I would make some for her. Unfortunately, before they were finished I smelled something that did NOT smell like yummy cookies. I went to check on them and, yeah, they were on fire. I've never really had to deal with this type of thing before and I didn't want to burn our RENTAL down. So, I did the first thing I could think of...ran and got the fire extinguisher. Of course Libby thought that the clouds swirling around the kitchen were pretty cool. She was running through them saying, "Whee! Whee!" I took her out to van and let her "drive" while I opened the windows and the doors to let the smoke out. In the end, all we really had was one big mess to clean up. Nothing to replace at least. Maybe I should have just turned the oven off and let them burn themselves out. Oh well, I'll know next time! Oh, wait...I'd rather there not be a next time. Posted by Picasa

Terrible Twos

Ok, I didn't realize that the terrible twos don't creep in. Oh no! It's a day/night thing. One day, your daughter is as sweet as sweet can be and the next...well, MONSTER!!! Yes, we are entering a new phase. Last night at the store Libby decided that she didn't want to ride in the cart, she wanted mom to hold her...or better yet, to run around the store at her own leisure. She stood up in the cart and just screamed her pretty, little head off. I felt like I handled that one ok. I just stopped the cart and told her we weren't moving again until she chose to sit down again. So we stood there for five minutes in the middle of the aisle with her standing and screaming and me staring at her. She finally gave up, sat down and was fine for the rest of the trip. One battle won! Next? Pray for us...if this is the beginning of the way things are going to be for awhile, then I know I'm going to be a little stressed. Hopefully, we'll have enough good mixed in with the frustration that I won't lose my mind. :)

Bath Time

I forgot to blog this hilarious Libby moment. Last Tuesday we went over to Christian's house to visit. We ate spaghetti for lunch and Christian was an absolute mess so his mom tossed him in the bath tub. Libby looked longingly after him and I told her that if she ate some spaghetti (she was being stubborn again) she chould join him. Well, I was finishing up my own spaghetti so I just kept checking on her. I wasn't too worried. I knew that she couldn't climb in. Yeah, you know where this is going...I was wrong! I was taking my last bite of spaghetti when I heard I loud splash. She had climbed in fully and all! What a sight. I didn't realize that diapers could bloat to that size. Needless to say, she wore Christian's clothes home and just looked like a cute little boy for the rest of the day.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Wanna Shake on That?

We had a builder visit our house tonight so that we could toss our house plans to him. While he was here Libby kept walking up to him and talking to him and giving him her toys and was a general sweetie (which was a welcome surprise from our experience a little earlier today). When he was getting ready to leave, the builder shook Chris's hand and then mine. At that point, Libby looked right at him and offered her hand to be shaken too. Luckily, he had enough grandchildren that he took it in stride and grabbed her hand and gave her a good hand shake. She was not about to be left out on that one.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Early Christmas

Since we are going to be doing a LOT of travelling the week of Christmas, we decided to do our Christmas early. Chris and I stayed up until about 1:00 AM (with Libby crying in the bedroom almost the entire time because she wanted us in there) putting together her little tractor. Other than the fact that it was late, it was kind of fun. Anyway, she had seen the box, but not the tractor put together. In fact, yesterday daddy opened the box to take a look at the parts and when he shut the lid Libby started saying, "No, no, no, no, no,no..." because she knew it was a tractor. So this morning when we got her out of bed daddy asked if she was ready for her Christmas present. She looked up really quick and said, "Tractor?" She has had a blast all morning playing with that thing and setting her kitty on it so that he can drive too. At least until she gets jealous of the kitty and makes him get off so she can get on. She even bit him by the ear and took him off of her tractor. Crazy kid! That's something we'll have to put an end to. Well, we'll have more Christmas joys after the holidays, but that is our early joy. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend at Home

Libby enjoyed pulling out some of the toys that we left behind at home. She pulled out her water tube and was sitting in it, even though there was no water. She had fun with it.Here, I think she has seen mommy and daddy using q-tips too often. She knows exactly how it is used...right, wrong or indifferent.
Night, night Elmo. Libby is giving Elmo his pacifier. She likes the music he makes when she puts it in.
Here Libby and grandma are looking at pictures of the "baby" on grandma's phone. She enjoyed time with both of her grandma's, but mommy forgot the camera with her other grandma. Bad mommy!
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Like Daddy, Like Libby

Daddy's hat, on the smallest setting, fits Libby's little head. They look so cute together. Of course, five minutes before I had the camera out, Libby loved having the hat on, but once the camera was out...well, we just took the pics we could get. Posted by Picasa

Strong Girl!

Daddy is teaching Libby that if she eats she will be a strong girl. He can get her to make the strong girl action, but that doesn't mean that she will eat the foods that make her a strong girl. Posted by Picasa

Sweet Libby

Here is Christian with Libby's pinky and kitty. She did the same thing as last week when he fell asleep. Posted by Picasa

Learning a New Skill

Libby, all of the sudden, just started taking her clothes off. She started with her shirt, which I eventually got back on her. And then, off came the pants. Goodness girl! Now we just have to make sure that the house is warm enough for her to be running around naked. Posted by Picasa

Eye Glasses

Libby wanted to wear my glasses. Here' is how she puts them on. I wouldn't think that she can see very well, but she enjoys it. Once she was finishe, she put them back on me. Good job, Libby!
ANd then there's daddys version of glasses. I didn't know you wore two monocles at once. Crazy daddy!
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Sunday, December 03, 2006

All the Pretty Colors

Libby has a new passion as of this past week. She stands at her chair and reaches up to her crayons and says, "Color. Color. Color." She does this until you put her in her chair so that she can do exactly that, color! Today, I let her color on the floor. It looks like she might be ambidexterous! Uh oh! She saw me snapping pictures. I bet coloring time is over for a moment! Picture time!
As predicted, here is our final masteriece. Isn't it beautiful?
Oh, look! We found a pen...and something fun to do with that pen. This is a form of dottism, right? Maybe it will be worth money some day.
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Daddy's Turn

Chris kept making fun of Libby getting so close to the camera. So, we took some pictures of him too. I think Libby is more photogenic. Posted by Picasa

Hamming it Up!

Libby enjoys when I get the camera out. I was trying to take a picture of her standing in her toilet. These are the pictures I got instead. As soon as she saw the camera she was over in my face! I guess I'll have to learn to be sneakier with her. Is there such a thing as "sneaky" with a kid? Posted by Picasa