Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Terrible Twos

Ok, I didn't realize that the terrible twos don't creep in. Oh no! It's a day/night thing. One day, your daughter is as sweet as sweet can be and the next...well, MONSTER!!! Yes, we are entering a new phase. Last night at the store Libby decided that she didn't want to ride in the cart, she wanted mom to hold her...or better yet, to run around the store at her own leisure. She stood up in the cart and just screamed her pretty, little head off. I felt like I handled that one ok. I just stopped the cart and told her we weren't moving again until she chose to sit down again. So we stood there for five minutes in the middle of the aisle with her standing and screaming and me staring at her. She finally gave up, sat down and was fine for the rest of the trip. One battle won! Next? Pray for us...if this is the beginning of the way things are going to be for awhile, then I know I'm going to be a little stressed. Hopefully, we'll have enough good mixed in with the frustration that I won't lose my mind. :)

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charlotte said...

I'm not sure there is a terrible two just the way it is. With all 4 of ours we went from one stage right into the next without any breathing space. The girls were 15 months apart so I was never aware of terrible two's just life. Hang in there, it will end at the age of 20. Just 18 more years. LOL