Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More School Thrills

Can you tell how much Libby enjoyed this school project? She was absolutely thrilled to dress up like they did in Bible times...or not!

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I heard John just let loose and start crying the other day, so I went to check on him. He was sitting outside his sisters closed bedroom door. He didn't like being left out. I opened the door to see what they were up to and this is what I found when I went in. Aren't they just adorable? Until about 6 months ago the girls really struggled with getting along and it was the constant prayer of my heart that they would learn to get along and never lose that friendship throughout their life (I do include Bubby in that prayer, too). That is still the prayer of my heart, but now I am beginning to see some fruit from that prayer. As soon as Grace was able to start talking, things started changing. I absolutely adore watching my little girls play together now. I pray that 20 years from now, I can get another awesome shot, like this one, of my girls together loving life...even if it does mean "pushing the boys aside" for a bit. :)

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Bath Time

He is learning to like his baths now that he knows he can play a little in the water.

And, if there's a bath...I'm there!!!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Puzzle Time

Ok, or maybe just time to tick my sister off.

Yeah, he stole this from Grace and she is off crying and screaming at him while he just...smiles. He doesn't let the little stuff bother him.

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My Child!

Seeing as I was the one that decided to stick my finger in a hole in the back of a toilet (the hole wasn't supposed to be there, the cover on the back of the toilet was broken) I guess I have to take credit for this one. What possessed this child to stick her finger in the syrup? Who knows! None the less, it was stuck pretty good, but we managed to wiggle her finger back out and get the syrup bottle cleaned up. Crazy kid!!!

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Here We Grow Again

Really?! Must you? Do you HAVE to grow up? Monday morning I heard John in his room fussing. Before I got there, though, he was all giggles. I opened the door to figure out what caused his mood swing and this is what I saw. It only took him a couple of weeks to figure out how to pull himself up in the crib. He is also cruising like nobody's business, as well. He can stand for about 2 or 3 seconds at a time if you just let go of him while he is standing. He's still not too sure about that, but he lowers himself to the ground very gently rather than falling, so he'll get used to it. We have three more weeks until he turns won't be long after that he is taking his first steps. He's gonna be a toddler before I know.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday?

Ok, so I haven't done one of these in a REALLY long time...but, I felt it was appropriate today.

Today I am thankful:

1.) For a wonderful husband who isn't afraid to help a soul out. I love that he is willing to give of himself to everyone around us, yet doesn't forget his family in the mix. I love my husband!

2.) For the fact that I have been scrapbooking for over five years now and last night was the first night I have EVER sat down for a scrapbooking session and couldn't even complete ONE page. I was downright mad at first, but seriously...that was the first time that has EVER happened...and I learned about four ways NOT to complete the page I was trying to complete. Now...Chris gets to help me figure out how to do it the right way. :)

3.) For extracurricular events, like soccer. It was so good to see a dear friend at the game that I haven't talked to in WAY too long. Plus, I got to talk to other friends as well. That was my benefit, but Libby (and Grace) also got to visit with their children (who are friends of hers) along with learning about soccer and lessons for life. It is good for all of us!

4.) For the gorgeous fall weather that we have been experiencing. Fall is not my favorite season, but for some reason it is turning out to be my favorite season this year. The same thing happened back in 2007 when I was pregnant with Grace.

5.) For the opportunity to homeschool my daughter. It can be tough at times...especially figuring out how to handle the younger two while I'm teaching Libby. It is totally worth it though. We are falling into our routine and feeling good about school. It is fun to listen to her put her lessons into action after she has struggled (very rarely, but some) with it, yet it has made its way into her noggin somehow. :)

Soccer Update

Well, folks, it is true...PERSEVERE through the darkness and you WILL start to see a little light way down the tunnel...keep persevering until you push through to the end of the tunnel. Week two of soccer was amazingly different than week one. Libby felt more confident out on the field and made a lot more contact with the ball. She didn't always know where she was going with the ball, but she was making more contact with it. We'll continue to practice and see what next week brings. :) Sorry that there are no pictures. We woke up late and that was one thing I forgot to grab as we ran out the door.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up, Up and Away!

Uh oh! We're in for it now. We'd better keep our eyes peeled at all times so we don't lose a child!

Living the Dream!

Have you ever had a dream...and it finally came true? When it came true, was it what you expected or did it fall short of what you had in mind? Was it harder than you thought it would be? I've definitely been there. Well, that was a little bit of what Libby experienced this last Saturday.

When I asked her earlier this spring what her #1 goal was for life she told me she wanted to be a soccer player when she grew up. Well, by that time we were too late to sign her up for spring or summer soccer. So, I signed her up for fall soccer and she had her first game on Saturday. I think she expected to just "know" the game since she's loved it for so long. She certainly didn't know the game. She enjoyed practice time when everyone had their own ball, but when it came to game time and she barely got to touch the ball...she was beyond herself. She would just walk off the field crying. Luckily, it's little kids soccer so I would just find the nearest kid from her team and say, "Go on out! It's your turn!" We had two bawling sessions over this game. I told her that she had to learn to be aggressive and learn the rules of the game, but that didn't convince her. She thought it was the end of the world and "just wanted to go home". Unfortunately, that isn't how it works. I told her she had to finish out this season and that mommy and daddy would practice with her at home.

I know this is just the first of many life lessons...and may be one that she has to learn more than once, but, unfortunately, just because we love something does not make us "experts" at it. We have to start at the bottom rung of knowledge and work our way up to expertise. If Libby chooses to give up on soccer after one season and chooses another #1 goal, she will have to start from the beginning of that goal, too. As an adult, I still have to learn that lesson from time to time, too. It is a hard lesson to learn, but an even harder lesson to teach your child. My first instinct was to "take my baby home", but that wouldn't teach her a darn thing! Instead, I'm hoping that by the end of the season she has improved enough to enjoy the sport a little more. She is already starting to improve in practicing with mommy. Dribbling on Saturday looked like kicking the ball as far across the field as she could and running to catch up to it...yesterday, she very rarely kicked it more than two or three leg lengths in front of her. She certainly didn't want me to steal it from her. So, here's to living the dream!

Practicing shooting the ball to the goal.

Dribbling around the coach to reach the goal.

Gray team throwing the ball in. She had good position to snatch the ball and run with it, but not enough "know-how" to do so.

The second time she got hold of the ball...and then slipped and fell on her butt (even with cleats on). She was VERY mad about this!

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Friday, September 10, 2010


Yep, we are in trouble now. He is on the move and ready to help make messes. :)

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Bean Soup

I have to admit that I was quite leery when Libby's curriculum called for us to make bean soup because we have been watching beans sprout. The last time I remember having anything to do with bean soup is years ago. I don't remember exactly how old we were, but I remember my sister and I being upset that we had to have bean soup for dad's birthday. Mom had to get something from Wal-Mart, so the bean soup sat on the stove cooking away while we headed across town. When we got back from the store, the soup had burned and we ended up taking dad to Taco Bell for his birthday. Stephanie and I were ecstatic! I don't remember a whole lot from my childhood, so for that to be a standout it must have really made an impression on me. :)

Fast forward to the present where that is my only connection to bean soup...and now I have to make it for my family...gulp! So, I skeptically had Chris by the ingredients and then had Libby help me measure out the beans and the water to let them soak over night. Then, yesterday I had her help me add the carrots and the ham and get things started. I tried to act excited (which I was) that SHE was making supper for her family and not let her know that I was planning back up meals in my mind. I asked her at one point if she was looking forward to eating the meal she was preparing. Her response was, "Not really," with one of those looks on her face that said, "Beans...ew, gross!"

Finally, we only had one thing left to do - make the cornbread. So, I called Libby in from outside and she joyfullly made the cornbread. She knows she loves cornbread!!! Supper time arrived. I dishd a little out for everyone...and to my pleasant surprise IT ACTUALLY TASTED PRETTY GOOD!!! Libby took two bites without being asked and then politely asked if she could be finished. Grace even ate one bean...after being forced to do so. :)

Yea for school pushing us outside of our comfort zone!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Early Birthday!

We bought Grace her birthday present early so that she could play with it longer, so we (or I) decided to do the same thing with John. We bought him this cool little computer that he had lots of fun playing with at his friend, Maggie's, house. Other than the fact that he has to keep it away from Grace, he loves it!

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Whenever John falls asleep in the SUV Grace makes sure to wake him up...SO, whether it makes me a bad mom or not, I had to laugh at the following sequence.

John spots his prey, I mean sister, asleep on the ground.

He moves in for the kill.

Look at that face...does he look like he's up to something, or what?

And here it comes! SCREAM in her face until she wakes up.

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day

They say there is no rest for the weary. Well, that is true for farmers. Daddy got the chance to help a neighbor on his farm yesterday and this morning. Today he was on a BIG red tractor (memories of his childhood) so he called and told me to bring the girls down to sit on the cool seat beside him.

Libby had an absolute blast and probably was in the tractor for a good hour while we were there.

Grace had a little bit of fun. She didn't quite get it, but it was still cool to beside daddy for a few moments.

John REALLY wanted in the cool tractor, but is still a bit small. So, instead, he "drove" the Expedition.

And Grace filled her time finding things to play with in the SUV. The writing pad was her favorite. :)