Friday, September 10, 2010

Bean Soup

I have to admit that I was quite leery when Libby's curriculum called for us to make bean soup because we have been watching beans sprout. The last time I remember having anything to do with bean soup is years ago. I don't remember exactly how old we were, but I remember my sister and I being upset that we had to have bean soup for dad's birthday. Mom had to get something from Wal-Mart, so the bean soup sat on the stove cooking away while we headed across town. When we got back from the store, the soup had burned and we ended up taking dad to Taco Bell for his birthday. Stephanie and I were ecstatic! I don't remember a whole lot from my childhood, so for that to be a standout it must have really made an impression on me. :)

Fast forward to the present where that is my only connection to bean soup...and now I have to make it for my family...gulp! So, I skeptically had Chris by the ingredients and then had Libby help me measure out the beans and the water to let them soak over night. Then, yesterday I had her help me add the carrots and the ham and get things started. I tried to act excited (which I was) that SHE was making supper for her family and not let her know that I was planning back up meals in my mind. I asked her at one point if she was looking forward to eating the meal she was preparing. Her response was, "Not really," with one of those looks on her face that said, "Beans...ew, gross!"

Finally, we only had one thing left to do - make the cornbread. So, I called Libby in from outside and she joyfullly made the cornbread. She knows she loves cornbread!!! Supper time arrived. I dishd a little out for everyone...and to my pleasant surprise IT ACTUALLY TASTED PRETTY GOOD!!! Libby took two bites without being asked and then politely asked if she could be finished. Grace even ate one bean...after being forced to do so. :)

Yea for school pushing us outside of our comfort zone!

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