Saturday, September 04, 2010

Puppy Love

Our neighbors just got a new puppy and we are helping them watch him while they are at a wedding today. Libby is in love! The first thing she said when she saw him, "Mom, we should name him Chewy!" Way to name the neighbor's dog. Later, as they were running and playing she screams, "Ewwww! He's pooping! Come look, dad, come look!" Daddy declines and she says, "No, really! Come look!" I think he still declined.

Grace thinks he's a cute puppy dog, too. Not as enthralled as Libby. It only took moments for her to disappear. As mommy calls out, "Where are you, Grace?" She calls, "I right here," from the garage...

where she is getting a pretty pink shovel to do what really floats her boat, play in the dirt!

As for John? Well, he didn't really find the puppy all that amazing. He did enjoy the dog food though. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy trying to keep his little hands out of the food bowl and saying, "Acky! That's the puppy's food. You leave that alone. Acky!"

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