Thursday, September 02, 2010

Pulling Up!

So, John decided to start pulling up into a standing position. Instead of doing the typical way, this crazy baby had to be creative...he pulled the oven drawer out and THEN pulled himself up! Crazy kid. He is definitely growing up. He has learned to annoy his sisters. He enjoys that one...especially in the car...and especially Grace! He also likes to hear his voice. I think all three of my kids will be talkers. Oops, that's my fault! :) He is increasingly wanting our table food. Sometimes we can oblige, but really, how much can you chew with only two bottom teeth? He still has his fairly laid back personality, although he likes to be on the move. He almost NEVER stays in one spot. And trying to change is his diaper is quite annoying as he is constantly trying to flip over so he can crawl away. He is growing up way too fast for his mommy! Only 1 1/2 months before he is one year old. I don't like that idea! :( But I sure do love that little boy! :)

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