Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ohio Caverns

Libby had a blast at Ohio Caverns with mom and Aunt Stephanie. Thank you, Steph!!! They say that it takes years and years to form the stalactites and stalagmites, so when you run across the picture of the two that are almost touching, that is when our guide told us that in about 45 years they should BE touching. I turned to Libby and told her that she could come on her honeymoon and she could see them touching. The guide thought that was a little funny. I was being serious though. :)


Remember those socks John ate? Well, we actually found BOTH of them. He must not have been that hungry after all!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Long Enough!!!!

Her hair is finally long enough for me to wrap it up in grandma's curlers. Yea!!!!

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More Trampoline Time

I just love this picture! It just reminds me of the innocence of childhood. God only knows what either of their futures hold, but I will always have this memory of them as adorable children.

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Easter Egg Hunt

The kids had a blast hunting for Easter eggs. Grace just kind of stood there until some of the "big" kids took over to help her out...then she ended up with the most eggs. It was fun watching the kids interact with my cousin's dog as they were looking for eggs too. I actually just got a text from Steph the other day saying that Ganion found ANOTHER egg out there. Nice!

Precious Little Girl!

She was so tired...I seriously thought she was going to fall asleep on the step. I'm glad she didn't, though, since she was one step from the top. That would be some seriously rolling.

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Tampoline Fun

The kids had a blast playing together on the trampoline.
Ganion (my sister's step-son) is trying to knock everyone down. Hannah fell!Ganion and Libby goofing off.

I love this picture of Libby in motion!
Here is Grace with her Aunt Hannah. Keep me safe!!!

Hannah is bouncing the kids gently...if that is a word in Ganion's vocabulary. :)

Here, Ganion is bouncing the girls...not so gently.

Grace was getting some good air being the smallest one on the trampoline.

And, all three kiddos having a blast!

Ohio in a Nutshell

Our trip to Ohio in a nutshell. Some separate pictures to come. :)

Catch-Up Circus

Sooooo, we have a LOT of catch up to do considering I haven't blogged once for the month of April. As I sat down at the computer to blog, it wouldn't work. Well, that's weird...maybe Chris did something to it to make sure I wasn't playing on it. Nope, he claims complete innocence. Hmmmm...I'll just let him look at it when he gets home. He checks it out. He's got nothin' either. Elizabeth Lynn, what buttons did you touch last night when you were playing PBS Kids? Total confusion...still no answers. Next day? We have a neighbor take a look at it...CRASH!

Yes, the hard drive crashed on this baby. Luckily, it wasn't totalled. Our neighbor was able to save included. Shew! Got that taken care of...BUT, now the computer screen is completely dead. the backlight is burnt out. Yikes! What do we do about that? Never fear, Chris is here! And now? We have a working computer. It might not look like your screen, but it works. I'm happy! :)

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sleepy Time

I don't know what it is about sleepy pictures, but they are just so adorable! I love this sleepy little boy!!!

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Let's Go Fly a Kite

Libby had a blast flying kites with Aunt Stephanie.

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I guess you aren't Cinderella after all. But I still love you!!! :)

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I Adore Pictures of All Three!!!

Grace is trying to hold John's hand. So cute!

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Birthday Cakes

Libby's birthday cake

Daddy's birthday cake

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