Saturday, March 31, 2007

She's Two


Well, the week is over! We had a good visit with my family. Libby is already missing them. She keeps walking around the house saying, "Grandpa? Grandpa? Hannah? Jung Ah? Where did he go? All gone." While they were here we got to explore Galena and a little bit of Davenport. We also checked the shops out downtown here in Dubuque. All that shopping makes me wish that we had money to buy some of the fun stuff we saw. At the moment though, I would be completely happy just having a house of my own again. In God's time! I know he's got it under control. On Wednesday, Libby stayed the whole day with grandma and grandpa at the hotel and I was able to get some things done like clean my house without Libby hovering and undoing, print some of the digital pictures that I haven't for way too long and go to the library with OUT Libby. Wow! What a treat! Overall, it was a great week. I am glad that we got to spend some time together.
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Friday, March 30, 2007

Blender Blunders it's obvious I don't use the blender often. I decided to make low fat virgin strawberry daiquiris for my family before they leave this afternoon. I have never made them before, but they sounded good. The recipe makes two servings so I decided to just triple it since I needed five...only I put it ALL in the blender at once. I started the blender up and it EXPLODED! Oops! It splashed all over the kitchen. I'm just glad that it stayed in the kitchen! Ai yai yai...lesson learned!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lessons from Libby

The other day Libby was reaching for her crib. She wanted her baby out of the crib, but I thought she wanted I put her in. Oh my gosh! She started to SCREAM! I stood right there in front of her and held my arms out and she just stood there holding on to the side of the crib screaming. I told her to calm down, I was right there and I would take her out if she'd just ask me too. She still stood there screaming and then it hit me. How often do I do the same thing to God? I stand there and scream and whine and he says, "I'm standing right here. Just call out to me." What do I do? I keep screaming and whining! I am such a human. I'm glad that God can use my daughter to speak to me. What a good God!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Warm weather.


We had to go to the bank two days in a row. We now live in a town that is big enough that it requires parking meters, but the bank had its own parking lot so I didn't have to pay to park. That was fine with me. It wasn't so fine with Libby. As we got out of the van she started screaming, "Penny! Penny!" She was so mad at me because I wouldn't let her put coins in the "penny machine". Both days this happened! She enjoys paying for parking. Maybe I should let her pay for it then. Ha!

Sleepy Girl

Libby and I went to town yesterday. We had quite a bit to do and spent a few hours running errands. Libby was starting to get cranky by the last leg of our trip, but on the way home she got REALLY quiet. I checked her out in the rear view mirror and she was out cold. She was so adorable. I tried to sneak into the house for the camera and to snap a picture of her while she was sleeping. She woke up as I was snapping the picture though. She's still adorable.
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Mother Mary

I had Chris's help in getting these pictures. He made her laugh and THEN I would snap the picture! Anyway, she keeps putting her "Pinkie" around her head like a shaw. She reminds me of the pictures you see of Mary...except the fact that her shaw is pink, not blue. What a peasant girl!
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The other day Libby tossed her "Pinkie" in the laundry basket, grabbed kitty and jumped in for a seat. She was queen of the mountain! She was so cute that I had to get a picture. As soon as she saw the camera, she gave me this look and when I would snap the picture she would bust up laughing...with her pretty look. Why won't she just be a cutie for the camera? Craziness, I tell ya! She loves that camera so she can just goof in front of it.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Isn't He the Best?

I am SO excited! I was looking at Ipods, but good golly, they are SO expensive! So, anyway, I decided to check my credit card points out and they had two really nice ones for some mega points. I only had about half the points I needed, so I put it under my wishlist and was done. Chris checked it out and he's only about 5,000 points away from the nicest one. So, what is my generous husband doing? He's going to use HIS points to get me an Ipod (and not just a chintzy one). I love you baby! :D Anyway, he hasn't used ANY of his points on himself yet. He used the first set to get me my mixer...thank you again. We bought almost ALL of Libby's stuff when she was born with his points. He used his points to get gift cards for a family in our church who were having a baby. The closest he has come to using his points on him is he's bought some gas cards for himself. I love my man! He really has a heart for others and is willing to do anything to make others happy. He likes to keep that side of him hidden, but he can't help to care. I'm so glad that God blessed me with him!

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Less Than a Week

My baby turns two next Tuesday. Time goes SO fast. It feels like it was just yesterday I was getting frustrated with Alicia for always saying, "You don't even look pregnant". Or how about the time I had my F.B.I. (Fabulous Baby Inside) shirt on and the check out girl at Wal-Mart said, "Your shirt, I don't get it!". Mind you I was 7 months pregnant at the time. Then there is always the janitor at school who said, "I know that walk. You're pregnant. So, when are you due?" My answer "Yesterday!" Fast forward to the excitement of going to the hospital to be induced and the 43 hours of waiting as woman after woman came in, had a baby and went on over to the next road. Then the beautiful baby girl that came into this world (two weeks late). Her long, little toes and fingers that spread apart with a scare bringing about the nickname "Treefrog". All of the friends that visited me in the hospital. The fact that she was so small we had NO clothes that fit her. Julianne had to run to the store and buy us a preemie outfit for her. Breastfeeding her in the middle of the night. That had to have been yesterday, right? It's impossible that this all took place two years ago. Oh how time flies! I think I had better go spend some time with this precious little girl...before she grows up on me. Enjoy your little ones because before you know it they won't be so little anymore.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Magic Carpet Ride

Yesterday Libby and daddy went out to the property to fly a kite. Libby loved watching the kite fly around in the air and just giggled and laughed. She thought it was pretty cool when daddy crashed the kite. Then when he went to send it in the air again she ran over and jumped on it. She tried to get a good start by scooting it across the ground with her legs and hind end. Crazy girl! I love learning how her mind works. At her age she would think that she could ride it too. I love my little girl!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

This is what we were sleeping on.

This is what we are sleeping on now.
Need I say more?
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March Weight

Well, this week I weighed in at 212.2 pounds. That's 7.8 pounds lost this month and a total of 19.2 pounds total. I'm getting down...slowly, but surely. I think I look a little better.
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How Old Are You?

Libby found one of her pacifiers tonight. She thought she'd try it out again. She looks so silly with it in her mouth now. Although there are times when I wish she would still take it now. :)
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Brute Force

Oops! Chris was cutting pizza for Libby and the knife started bending back and forth. He kept it together and still used it. Then I tried to cut some more pizza and I didn't have a good enough hold on it. I broke it in half on accident. Oh well! Next?
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2 Years Old

Here are Libby's two year pictures. They turned out so well. I am glad for proficient photographers. :) I can't believe she will be two already. Only two more weeks of being one. :( My baby is growing up! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the pictures.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

People, People, People

Holy crapoly! I think the only other town that I have seen people outside as much as I have here is Yellow Springs, Ohio. I drove from Weight Watchers to home (7 minutes tops) and I saw anywhere from 40 to 50 people out enjoying the weather. Craziness! Smart people though. Enjoy this weather!

Warm Weather

Oh, what beautiful warmth! It has been 5o, 60 and 70 degrees this week. Libby and I even went to the park for about an hour yesterday. She was so glad to be climbing all over the equipment out in the sun. It is supposed to get cold again by the end of the week so we are going to soak the sun up while we can!

Monday, March 12, 2007

What A Party!

Whew! I don't know about you, but I felt like I just didn't have enough time in the day to check out all those blogs. I want to take the time over the next few weeks to meet more people. I am very impressed with Brandie, whom visited ALL the blogs. I don't know how you did it girl. Anyway, thank you to all who visited me. I can't wait to update my "blog list" and keep checking in on y'all! What a blast! I will look forward to doing this again in the future.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Pajama Week

Libby is starting to take control of things in her life. Almost every day this week Libby has decided that she wants to wear her "jammies". I have tried to convince her to wear clothes and she put up a fight. I decided that this one wasn't a fight worth having. It's cold outside and her jammies are warm.
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for warm showers (especially ones without Libby). It is a ten to fifteen minute period of time where I can talk to God and escape my "issues". It is a little bit of time to myself that I very desperately need. Thank you God for warm showers!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weight Watchers and Bunco

So, I was ecstatic last night. First, I lost almost two more pounds. Then, I went to Jen's house to play Bunco as a sub. I enjoyed the game and had a blast getting to know new people. Then...well, all you women know how pms works and today was 100% opposite of yesterday. I have a splitting headache and don't want to be around people and I totally ate the remaining 1/3 (probably closer to 1/2) of the brownies. So, I probably gained the entire two pounds back. Grr! Hopefully soon I will be pregnant and I can just deal with a whole new realm of problems...with a rainbow at the end. :) Anyway, just needed to do a little ranting. I am glad that I had such a GREAT last day before the shadows of pms swooped down upon me.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Poppy Corn

Chris discovered a new "Libby love". POP CORN! She would take two handfuls and pour them on the floor in front of her. Then she would eat them one piece at a time...and come back for more. When daddy told me about it I asked her if she liked her pop corn and she looked at me and said, "Poppy Corn...Poppy Corn". So there we have it...another not-so-healthy food that Libby enjoys.

Now That's Using Your Head

Libby wanted to build a house with her blocks today. She had fun stacking them up with mommy's help. Then came the fun part...time to kncok them down. My creative little daughter...she can't do things the normal way. She took her head and smashed headlong into the blocks. She thought it was absolutely hilarious! So did I.
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Monday, March 05, 2007

Visual DNA

Thought this was cool! I found it on Adventures in Babywearing blog. Hope you enjoy it!

Home for the Weekend

Libby loved being at home in a house with space to roam again. The 5 1/2 hour trip stinks, but the rewards are always worth it. She loves playing with all of the toys we have to leave behind. Today she is giving kitty a ride in the shopping cart. I think kitty is much more patient with riding in the shopping cart than Libby is.
I love to see that smile. Hopefully we can get our house sold and start building out here soon.
Libby found her sombrero from Hacienda in the closet. She thought that was pretty cool. It's hard for me to believe that the hat is one whole year old now. I can't believe my baby is turning 2 in less than a month. She's growing SO quickly!
Here she looks like my little Mexican jumping bean. How cute!
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Blog Party

Hi all! I started my blog journey after looking at a friend's blog. It seemed appropriate because my husband, daughter and I had JUST moved to Iowa from Indiana. I have come to LOVE blogging and just writing about Libby's silly anecdotes. I also have been describing some of the ways I have been growing leaps and bounds in my spiritual walk. Our house in Indiana has been on the market for almost half a year now and it's been a rough financial time...enough so that I sometimes ask God if we are doing the right thing by being out here. He always answers the same way...Your spiritual growth is more important to me than your physical comfort. So, here I am trusting God more and more despite my circumstances. I look forward to meeting all kinds of new people and I hope that some of the people that check my site out on a regular basis take the time to go check some other people out. I am excited about this and seeing how other people run their blogs. I am excited about the tips that I can take away from this experience and the friends that I can meet. So, WELCOME AND ENJOY!