Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lessons from Libby

The other day Libby was reaching for her crib. She wanted her baby out of the crib, but I thought she wanted I put her in. Oh my gosh! She started to SCREAM! I stood right there in front of her and held my arms out and she just stood there holding on to the side of the crib screaming. I told her to calm down, I was right there and I would take her out if she'd just ask me too. She still stood there screaming and then it hit me. How often do I do the same thing to God? I stand there and scream and whine and he says, "I'm standing right here. Just call out to me." What do I do? I keep screaming and whining! I am such a human. I'm glad that God can use my daughter to speak to me. What a good God!

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it's me, Val said...

You ARE so RIGHT . . . :)