Saturday, March 31, 2007

She's Two


Well, the week is over! We had a good visit with my family. Libby is already missing them. She keeps walking around the house saying, "Grandpa? Grandpa? Hannah? Jung Ah? Where did he go? All gone." While they were here we got to explore Galena and a little bit of Davenport. We also checked the shops out downtown here in Dubuque. All that shopping makes me wish that we had money to buy some of the fun stuff we saw. At the moment though, I would be completely happy just having a house of my own again. In God's time! I know he's got it under control. On Wednesday, Libby stayed the whole day with grandma and grandpa at the hotel and I was able to get some things done like clean my house without Libby hovering and undoing, print some of the digital pictures that I haven't for way too long and go to the library with OUT Libby. Wow! What a treat! Overall, it was a great week. I am glad that we got to spend some time together.
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it's me, Val said...

I am glad you had some nice peaceful relaxing time to yourself. I know you deserved it! And beautiful pictures of your Libby . . . :)

Paula said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Make time for yourself. Little ones are consuming! I had four in 6 and a half years. There's so much I don't remember about that season, but it's okay. I wouldn't change anything.

I remember being amazed how wonderful life was when everyone could go to the bathroom on their own and dress themselves! There was this wonderful honeymoon period with the kids.

Now I'm hitting the teen years. There hasn't been a stage I didn't enjoy. I like my kids at every age they've been--but I'd say there are more demanding stages--baby/toddler was one and the one I am in now is also intense. Not so much with teen attitudes or whatever. I actually enjoy them at this age for the most part. But it's really busy and takes a fair amount of emotional fortitude as well . ..

Didn't mean to blab on. Enjoy that princess. She is a delight.