Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weight Watchers and Bunco

So, I was ecstatic last night. First, I lost almost two more pounds. Then, I went to Jen's house to play Bunco as a sub. I enjoyed the game and had a blast getting to know new people. Then...well, all you women know how pms works and today was 100% opposite of yesterday. I have a splitting headache and don't want to be around people and I totally ate the remaining 1/3 (probably closer to 1/2) of the brownies. So, I probably gained the entire two pounds back. Grr! Hopefully soon I will be pregnant and I can just deal with a whole new realm of problems...with a rainbow at the end. :) Anyway, just needed to do a little ranting. I am glad that I had such a GREAT last day before the shadows of pms swooped down upon me.

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