Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bath Time

I forgot to blog this hilarious Libby moment. Last Tuesday we went over to Christian's house to visit. We ate spaghetti for lunch and Christian was an absolute mess so his mom tossed him in the bath tub. Libby looked longingly after him and I told her that if she ate some spaghetti (she was being stubborn again) she chould join him. Well, I was finishing up my own spaghetti so I just kept checking on her. I wasn't too worried. I knew that she couldn't climb in. Yeah, you know where this is going...I was wrong! I was taking my last bite of spaghetti when I heard I loud splash. She had climbed in fully and all! What a sight. I didn't realize that diapers could bloat to that size. Needless to say, she wore Christian's clothes home and just looked like a cute little boy for the rest of the day.

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