Friday, November 30, 2012

Overheard at Christmas

Tonight was the night the kids have been waiting for all week.  (John didn't even know he was excited about it until tonight.) We put up the Christmas tree!!! As daddy brought the Christmas tree upstairs, mommy put some Christmas music on for atmosphere.  When "Joy to the World" came on Libby started blaring, "Heavenly angels sing," and I smiled to myself.  Then, I heard daddy correct her, "No, it's heaven AND angels sing."  I was doubled over laughing at that point.

It was so fun to watch Johnny get in the Christmas spirit this year!  As soon as daddy had the Christmas tree set up he kept exclaiming, "Yay!  Best Christmas tree ever!!!"  Then, as the kids started hanging the ornaments Libby and Grace were picking out the ornaments that they had made to put on the tree first.  Johnny couldn't resist joining in the fun and every ornament he hung he would pick it up and call out, "I made this!" and then hang it on the tree.

He got to hang quite a few of them up and I had to snap a few pictures of the ornaments all bunched up at the bottom of the Christmas tree.  I treasure the small hands that are close to the ground to make our tree beautiful!


Last story of the night.  Libby and Grace set up our Little People Nativity Set.  The three kids were over playing with it when I heard Grace repeating over and over, "There's no dragon, right Libby?"  I looked over to see what she was talking about and John was trying very hard to add his rubber dragon to the scene. 

I love Christmas and I love my family.  I enjoy this evening of putting up the tree probably even more than Christmas day.  For me, I love the excitement of my children as we begin to set our minds on Jesus birth.

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