Sunday, November 11, 2012

Midnight Walk

This past Friday evening the girls rushed out to greet daddy as he came home from helping at a friend's house.  Daddy was cleaning up outside and it was fairly warm, so Libby slipped back in and asked if I would take her and Grace on a midnight walk through the woods.  I told her that she and Grace may go, but I needed to finish folding the laundry.  She kind of looked at me, and finally said, "Grace is scared...and, well, so am I."  I smiled, shut the dryer door and told her the laundry could wait.

Grace carried her glow stick on the end of a yard stick, which was quite cute as it doesn't give off light, but you could always see where she was!  Libby carried daddy's LED light through the woods, which was just as amusing.  It is a directional light so it shines a LOT of one direction.  Sometimes I could see the path, sometimes I couldn't see anything save the bright light in my eyes, and sometimes I could see absolutely nothing except darkness and hope I wasn't going to walk into a tree branch.

It was a daring adventure and I am glad that I carved out the time to take it with my little girls!

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Anonymous said...

Laundry waits, kids don't. :)