Monday, November 26, 2012

The Aftermask

Get it, aftermath?  Boo!  Terrible joke!  Sorry, couldn't resist.  :)

Anyway, Libby might have been frustrated making her mask, but I think she kind of likes it.  She named it Angry Pepper, and the first thing the kids did this morning was to grab their masks and begin to play.  This was my favorite pose...especially with little Johnny trying to peek over the counter top with his sisters.  :)

Then, Johnny colored a picture of a train, mommy worked with Grace on her letter of the week, L, and daddy worked with pounds and ounces with Libby.  All three kids did a GREAT job!!!  I am so proud of them, and how they are learning.  I can't wait until next week when Grace and I study letter A so that she can start putting words together.  And, Libby...we touched on the fact that 16 ounces equals 1 pound twice, VERY when I went to tell her again (before I requested daddy's help) she interupted me and said, "I know, I know, 16 ounces equals a pound!"  Amazing!  John is doing so well with his colors and counting to 5.  Oh, I could just go on and on about how proud I am!!!


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