Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not a Project for a Perfectionist!

We really are still alive!  We have been quite busy!  This past Tuesday our neighbor gave us a call at 6:30 asking if we would like to go to the "Sesame Street Live" program that was starting in an hour.  Her sister was supposed to come, but we had a nasty fog that kept her from being able to make it.  The kids LOVED the show...even Libby!  John was completely mesmerized the first half.  The second half he was antsy and kept calling out "More!  More!" after each song. 

Then, on Saturday, we went to our local grocery store (Hy-vee) for a kid's cooking class.  The age range is 3-8 so all three of my kiddos got to participate.  They made some chicken noodle soup, corn bread (from scratch), and mulled cider.  Libby loved it all!  Grace and John at least enjoyed the mulled cider.  I was very impressed with the program and I think we will sign up for the cookie baking and decorating class in December.  :)

Now...on to the actual post for tonight.  It has been awhile since we have done some all our art, so tonight was the night!  I learned quite quickly that this project...was NOT enjoyable to my art lover!  John and Grace enjoyed their mask making and were done.  Libby, on the other hand, really struggled with this project as a perfectionist.  She was almost ready to cry a few times.  Her mask turned out just marvelous despite her frustrations.  I will have to do another art project soon, though, for her sake.


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