Thursday, November 01, 2012

Practical Princess

My practical princess!  I love my Libby so much!  She has such a different personality than her brother and sister.  In fact, we are studying Anatomy this year and as part of the introduction we went over the personality traits (sanguine, melancholy, choleric and phlegmatic).  I asked her what she thought she was and she immediately stated that she was melancholy because she loved art (she forgot to mention the emotional  Then she quickly added that both John and Grace were sanguine because they had so much energy.  As far as can be told...she is very astute and her accuracy is amazing!

That being said, last night as I gave the kids their vitamins, their personalities decided to show through brightly.  Libby gobbled hers up and moved on to the next thing.  A few moments later she looked over to her brother and sister and exclaimed, "Why are you PLAYING with your vitamins?  They are for eating.  Mom, you shouldn't have bought dinosaur vitamins because the kids think they are toys."  The entire time, John and Grace kind of looked at her like she was a kill joy and continued to play.  Yep, my practical princess.

Then, this morning another showing was made.  We are studying the digestive system in science right now, and a friend told us we should try drinking ice water on our heads so we can see how our esophagus pushes the food down rather than our food falling down our throats.  So, we tried it this morning.  First of all, I expected to pour a little water in Libby's mouth and be done with the experiment.  Not true!  All three kids wanted to try it and thought that it was absolutely amazing.  So, they took turns standing on their head on the couch drinking water from a water bottle for half an hour.  Libby would get in position and stay there and wait for her turn.  The other two would get in position, take their turn, flip off the couch, run around and come back from their next turn.  Libby finally called out, "What is the point of that?  Just stay put!"  Yep, my practical princess. 

She figures out what the purpose of an activity is...and nails it down.  End of story.  No playing...just get to the point!  That's my practical princess whom I love so very much!

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Anonymous said...

This practical princess story about precious Libby was absolutely wonderful. I read it three times and like you, Liza, Janet and I absolutely cherish Libby for who she is and how God knitted her together. This was an amazing story about an amazing little girl.

Grandpa Tom