Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween Fun

For Halloween this year, we were blessed that costumes were provided by grandparents.  We weren't completely sure what we were going to do for trick-or-treating since Chris is on seconds, but God worked it all out for us and my dear friend asked if we would like to head out with them in town.

Of course, I forgot my camera, so here is the picture my friend took of all five kiddos ready to get out and go!  I don't think things could have gone more wonderfully.  Libby, Grace and their oldest son took off like a shot and covered lots of ground with my friend's husband keeping track of them.  It was so sweet, at one point I looked up ahead to see where they were and I saw Grace take hold of my friend's husband's hand and they walked hand in hand for the next minute or so.  So sweet!  

My friend and I got the chance to just enjoy each other and have some good conversation while we went at John and their youngest son's pace.  John was kind of at that middle ground that is hard for a little boy where he really wanted to be up with the big kids, but couldn't quite keep up.  Next year he'll be right up there with them!  

At the beginning of the night John would stop at every house and say, "Stop here?"  I would tell him that we had to find the houses with lights on and we would move on.  After about 20 minutes of that, though, he wanted me to hold him and didn't care that we saw house after house with their light on.  

We retired to some happy (but tired) kids.  We had some chili and cornbread, conversed some more and just enjoyed the kids playing.  As their weariness caught up with them, we knew it was time to go so that five exhausted kids could get to bed.  I am thankful for good times with good friends!

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