Friday, November 02, 2012


One thing Chris and I desire in raising our children is that they know who their grandparents are and what they love to do.  This is a bit hard as we live so far away, but we still try to be intentional about creating experiences for them to learn these aspects.

One of the things that I remember doing in Indiana when Libby was a baby was making red hot applesauce with Janet.  It was fun and yummy!

So, while Tom and Janet visited we rounded up the ingredients and went to town.  We weren't sure if we were going to be successful at first as the chinois (the cone that the apples are being pushed through) was $50!!!!  Thankfully, one of our dear neighbors had one that we could borrow.

Libby helped cut the apples up, and then we cooked them, and then all three kids had a blast pushing them through the chamois.  We stirred in some red hots and had a great product by the time we were done.  The kids loved the experience and we all enjoyed the applesauce.  :)


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