Tuesday, August 24, 2010


is happening in out house. I have a feeling we are going to have a few sleepless nights ahead of us as the girls are going to be...{gulp} sharing a room! We recieved their bunk bed today and we are going shopping for bedding this evening. This morning when I made the call to confirm when they were going to be here Libby got really excited. She jumped up and down and said, "I am so excited for tonight!" Then she stopped and said, "Well, kind of excited. I'm not excited all the way." Knowing the answer I asked her why she wasn't all the way excited. She said (with a growl), "The little one!" Like I said, a few sleepless nights are ahead of us.

Libby wasn't satisfied being amusing just in the morning. She decided to tell the guys who put her bed together all of her "funny" stories, too. It was hilarious listening to her tell the stories to two complete strangers. If there had been some context it would have made sense, but Libby never set the stories up, she just told them. So you got a little bit of, "I think they should call Hillcrest Russia instead," and some, "At Abby's funeral..." and some, "I just went scampering right over there". Quite comical...especially when you KNOW that Hillcrest is a road in Dubuque that people like to speed (thus rush-a) on or that Libby was recently in Abby's WEDDING. This girl has a future in entertainment. :)

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Benji & Amy said...

How cool is that bunk!!