Sunday, October 31, 2010

Temper, Temper!

John is a fairly calm baby, but when he wants something...he wants his way, right away! For the most part this shows itself in him screaming as loud as he can until he gets his way. Mind you, I try not to give in to that. Usually it is with food and instead of signing "more" he screams. I show him the symbol for "more" and then take his hands and make the symbol for him. Alas, I diverge.

Last night he didn't get his way, but he didn't scream about it this time. He was trying to climb up his walk-along toy on the wrong side. Because he had to "climb" up it instead of pull himself up, it kept inching away from him. The first time he fell down on his hind end and he called out and smacked the floor with both hands. The rest of us smiled because it was kind of cute to see him take his frustrations out like this. He tried again with the same results. This time, he smacked the toy. He kept trying and kept smacking the toy. The rest of us were in stitches watching him! Of course, this made him even more mad. In the end, he gave up on the toy and gave the rest of us about 5 minutes of pure entertainment. His temper won't be so cute in the future, but last night he was just adorable.

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