Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More FAMILY Pics

Ha ha! There were just too many cute ones to make only one postings worth. :) Anyway, here are the rest of the photos from last Friday evening. Oh, how I wish Libby would have been here for this shot instead of off goofing around! I think this shot is absolutely ADORABLE!!! And, look, you can even see fuzz OVER Grace's shoulder. Her hair IS growing! Yea!

Look at Chris here...he looks like he should have a pitch fork in his hand. Ha ha! I don't think I look like the woman in that painting though.

This was such an uncomfortable pose for Libby and me, but it looks adorable!


She is growing up WAY too fast for mommy's liking!

FINALLY! A picture of Grace! Mind you, she is getting a ride on daddy's shoulders here. :)

This is one of my favorite Gracie poses. This is a typical Grace look.

And, my other favorite. Another classical Grace look. She has two extremes and you can see them both within seconds if you are trying. I can't imagine dealing with her as a teenager, but I sure will keep her...even then! :)

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