Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall Fun!

As Libby gets older and older, we continue to cross more firsts off the list. Today was our first leaf pile! Can you believe it? She is five and has never had a leaf pile. Seriously though, we really haven't lived around trees, nor has she been interested in leaf piles. Our first year out here our yard was all dirt and Grace was only 9 months old...gotta admit, a leaf pile never even crossed my mind. Our second year out here I was just slightly pregnant (John WILL be turning one in a week, ya know)...once again, leaves weren't on my mind.

This year, though, this year...there ARE no excuses. :) Grandma Tucker started the leaf pile while she was here, but there weren't enough leaves for a good sized leaf pile. So, as we have watched out the window (and even played outside some) this past week, we have been noticing more and more leaves swirling to the ground. Today was the day that mommy went out and built that leaf pile up until it was perfect. The pictures may be blurry, but they are still super cute!

And, of course, where the leaf pile was surely wasn't good enough, so I gladly moved the pile over to the swing for the girls to slide into. Grace liked this a little more anyway. She really wasn't all that into it this year. Maybe next year!

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Alida said...

that looks like fun!!