Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Pictures

A dear friend of mine has been playing around with photography for awhile. She has done 18 month pictures for Grace and I think I had her do one other unsuccessful photo shoot of Grace. Grace didn't really like cameras when she was younger...oh wait, we didn't get much out of her this time either. Such is life! Notice that I have TWO sober sides on my hand throughout these pictures. What do I have to do to make Grace and John laugh? Goodness!

Anyway, I digress. The point is my friend has decided that she is going to take her hobby and turn it into a job and she needed some, I mean willing...faces so she could start putting a portfolio together. So, here is her handiwork. These pictures are taken at our local arboretum. I thought they turned out uite nice.


Busy1 said...

Beautiful pictures! They all turned out so great!!!

Also, you asked about the header and adding pictures. I"m not sure how to do it to your template. I use blogger to do my blog and they have a lot of really cute templates these days. Then, I make up my header by going to and you can mess around and design photo cards and Christmas cards and then I usually save one of those cards and add it to my blogger template. I'll go into more specifics (if you need it) if you decide to make the switch over. I'm not sure I'd know how to add a picture to your current template b/c you may have to change your own HTML code.....

Deanna said...

LOVELY!!! :)