Sunday, October 31, 2010


Libby has been working hard to try to figure out the illusive tying of the shoe. It might not be perfect, but I thought she did an amazing job this morning WITHOUT any help!!!

Grace learns SO much differently than her sister. It's amazing how God has made them so different. That being said, it took over a year for her to "learn" her colors. She refused to tell me the colors until one day...she just started doing it. Now, she has almost all of her colors down. She calls yellow "orange" and pink "red", a lot, but otherwise...she's good! So, it is time to move on the alphabet. We have played around informally with puzzles and alphabet books, but now we are hitting the nitty gritty. So, today she cut out (pretty much on her own, I just held the paper for her) three circles, glued them to the page and decorated her ant. If she feels like it she can tell you that a letter is a and that a begins ant and apple, but...that's ONLY if she feels like it. It can be quite hit or miss at the moment. :) She also colored in a number 1 this week. When you ask her what it is, she consistently says, "Two." She cracks me up. We'll just keep going over it. I'm looking forward to helping Grace learn. :)

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