Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lessons in Parenting

Today Libby and I were walking around the block. She was pushing her kitty in her stroller and she pushed the stroller off of the sidewalk and kitty fell out. She got really upset with kitty and started yelling because things weren't as SHE wanted them. I was trying to calm her down and tell her that if she hadn't pushed the cart off the sidewalk that kitty wouldn't have fallen out. Of course, she is too young to see the logic in that and proceeded to put the kitty back in the cart and then pull it back on to the sidewalk. At this point she noticed all of the grass on kitty and instantly went from frustrated to the doting "mommy" cleaning her kitty off. As this whole process was taking place, I couldn't help but think, I wonder how many times I do the same thing. Something happens to Libby that was my fault to begin with, but I get upset with her over the matter. Yikes! Maybe I should pay more attention. I'm still trying to find that balance between where I end and she begins. In that respect, I am glad that it took so long for me to get pregnant. I get to start over with this finding of boundaries when the new one gets here. I just pray that I lean on God to help me with this important task of parenting. I want to do it "right", yet I know I'm human and there is no such thing as "right". I know that my best won't come unless I'm asking God to help me every step of the process though. He has truly begun to become my best friend since having a child. It's a scary job raising children. I truly respect my parents for all they have done for me and my sisters. Anyway...I'll stop rambling now. I'll pray for all of you out there reading my blog that are parents and are making their way through this same journey of learning how to parent.

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