Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pumpkin Flop


As soon as I told Chris that I wanted to try to make a pumpkin pie from scratch he laughed and started making jokes about how it was going to be the death of us all. He didn't stop me from doing it though, so I went ahead as planned. If I would have stopped my daring-ness at the pumpkin I would have been fine (except the nice slice in my finger because I'm so awesome with a knife). Anyway, I had to try to make homemade pie crust too. I swear I followed the directions. I swear. It looks pretty good...just don't try to eat it. It crumbles when you touch it and tastes like I just slathered Crisco all over the pan for my crust. Yuck! So, I guess we will resort to digging the pumpkin out with a spoon. No crust pumpkin pie. :) I don't know if I will try this venture again, but now I can say that I have made a pumpkin pie with a pumpkin (and not the stuff from a can). :)
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Angela (Cook) Walls said...

That is great that you attempted the pumpkin pie. I don't know that I would have even attempted a home-made from scratch one.
You'll have to ask my mom about her gooseberry pie some time.
My Chris requested a rum cake about a month ago. I made it and I was soo suprised when it came out the way it was supposed to. I only had a small fire in the oven! Yes real flames! I put it out by throwing water on it...which I guess you aren't supposed to do in an electric stove. It was made with real rum so the alcohol caught on fire! Oops!
I love your blog BTW-so cute! I saved it in my favorites.
Hi to Chris and Libby!