Thursday, March 24, 2011

For the Grandparents...

As you know, we have been working on cursive for the past few weeks. I have been very impressed with how fast Libby has been catching on. The first day she almost broke down and started crying just looking at the b. I encouraged her and told her that she COULD do it, it would just take a little work. Now, she looks at the funky letters and just tries them. Today we covered enough letters that she could write the words "grandma" and "grandpa". Words still kind of scare her and those are big words compared to the words we've been writing. With a little encouragement, though, she sailed right through them. I thought both sets of grandparents would love to see her hand writing with these special words. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten Days of Biblical Parenting Giveaways

Doorposts is a company that has been helping give parents tips and tools to teach character to their children. They have started a new blog and are celebrating by doing giveaways. Come on over and check them out for some good ideas!

Ten Days of Biblical Parenting Giveaways

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Wow! Can't believe this was 2 1/2 weeks ago. The doctor said because of her age and because it was a straight laceration it would heal well.
Here is about a week after it happened. Looking decent. Still scaring mommy any time she cries or gets bonked. I do NOT want that coming back apart!

Last, but not least, here is a picture two weeks after our ordeal. Looking good! No one will even be able to notice once she grows some bangs.


Whoever thinks there aren't ingrained differences in boys and girls...well, sorry, they are just crazy! This little boy is utterly and completely ANGRY with all of the dress up dresses that keep getting in the way of him playing with his tractor.
This shot is only second-rate. I missed him upside down with his feet in the air buried in the basket by seconds. It was quite comical!

Even when he did free the tractor of the dresses, he missed one. Oh, you should have heard him bellowing at this dress that entangled his tractor! He did finally free it himself...I almost missed this picture too.
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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Play Time at the Tuckers

Libby enjoys playing with Lego's. We are storing this table for some friend's of ours while they do some reconstruction on their home. It is being well used in the meanwhile. :)

Grace enjoys playing with her dolls. Sometimes Libby and Grace do this together. It's fun to watch them.

John just likes to get in to trouble. :)

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My Tired Boys

I can't believe I got this picture of Chris without waking him up. He was OUT! He didn't hear me, he didn't hear his phone, he didn't even hear the doorbell. Very uncommon!

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Celebrate 100!

We are done with the Old Testament in the Bible. We are done with phonics lesson...and, yes, Libby can read most easy readers (IF she feels like it). We are done with bean sticks. We are through 100 days of school! Technically, we are at 124 days, but because we don't do "typical" math one day a week today is when we celebrated 100 days. Libby was blessed with a new book called "Fancy Nancy and the 100th Day of School" AND she got to count out 100 M&M's. She was very kind and shared with Bubby. I couldn't believe it they finished all 100 M&M's in...15 minutes. Now we are on to new adventures. New Testament, Spanish and cursive!

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