Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yo Ho...It's a Teacher's Life for Me

I just LOVE how God works! Stacey, a lady I met at MOPS, and I just happened to start talking about home schooling at our last Craft Night. She and a group of ladies at her church just happened to start talking about home schooling while at church. One of the ladies has been home schooling for ten years (and still has some that aren't in school...six kids) and invited them all over to talk a little bit about it and show some of her materials that she likes to use. Stacey thought of me and asked if I'd like to come along. I thought it wasn't going to work out because I help babysit for the other MOPS group, but it just happened that this month is weird and they didn't have MOPS today, so I was able to go to Melissa's house.

All of this "just happened" at a time in my life when I've REALLY been struggling. Ever since "the incident" with Chris's family, I've been a little wobbly on my feet as a mother. Nothing like a wake up call to say, "You THINK you are a good parent, but ARE you really?" For quite awhile I really downed myself and felt like I didn't have the ability to be a "good" mother. I really had to look to God for some support because I felt like a MONSTER! Luckily, God really had a different plan in mind when everything happened. He intended on teaching me to STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK...not to tell me I needed help with my parenting skills. Although overcoming the atrocious feelings of being an awful mother, I have still been doubting my skills as a human being. I thought that God had intended me to be a teacher...specifically, my own children, but do I have the organization for it? Do I REALLY have the ability to teach my children what they need to know to get through life? I have just been feeling lost and like I didn't have anything to offer...well, anyone! I have been praying for God's guidance and asking him to uplift me and to show me what my purpose here on earth is. I have been crying out that he shows me where my niche is. Everyone has something they love to do and are passionate about and that is what they tend to pursue. I had always thought mine was teaching, but I was going through so much self doubt. THANK GOD! HE HEARS OUR PRAYERS...AND HE CARES!

As you now see the answer and the see how they clash into another work of God! Today, being around all of those teaching materials and books and school schedules...oh it just ignited my passion for teaching all over! Thank you Lord for caring enough about me that you renew our passions if we will just ask you! How amazing he is! I am a teacher...that is what God gave me a passion for, that is what God called me to in this life. Thank you Lord for giving me a purpose in life!

I am just overwhelmed with emotion right now. I know that this may seem silly to you, but to me, this is my life and this is a renewing of my purpose and dreams. This, for me, is a testament of how much our God cares for us...yes, each and every one of us. Just go to him, no matter how much life hurts. He might not answer you with what you want to hear, but he cares for all of us, more than we can even imagine! Give him a chance! Burn with a passion for God and you will see more and more miracles...BIG AND SMALL!

Thank you God!


Christian, Camden & Carter's Mommy said...

You are a teacher Liza. But never think that you are JUST a teacher. You are also a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a believer. Did I mention selfless? Keep your head up. Going through rough times just makes us stronger!

Dave Woods said...

Liza you are not just a good Mother you are a GREAT Mother I can not think of any one else I would want to nurture my Grandchildren. I Love You Dad.