Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mini Co-op

I am absolutely blessed to have a homeschool co-op here in Dubuque to take a part in. Absolutely love it and love what it is slowly shaping up to be. That being said, a few of us girls decided to take it a step further and meet on the off weeks of co-op to cultivate friendships for us and our children, and to let the kids do some activities that you just need more kids to do.

Last week, when we met, one of their activities was a relay race. They were split into teams of four and had to put on an over-sized sweat suit, give their team high fives, and take it back off so the next kiddo could "suit up".

They loved it...
Well, most of them. You can see by Libby's face that she wasn't too enthralled. She did it, but she refused to smile, or have fun.

And when Lance decided not to participate at all (he's only four, cut him a break)...Stacey jumped in to help!

Grace got a little help when it was her turn...she had fun.

Eve Ellie (age 2) thought that she might like to try it out.
We had so much fun together and the kids got to learn a little bit about teamwork. I am so glad that we have friends to lean on, both close and far, in this homeschooling journey.

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